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immigration - ID cards
Vote: Should immigration be controlled through compulsory ID cards?

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1in10 27-Apr-2010 0:37
Compulsory biometric ID would be a useful tool in controlling immigration and enforcing ethnic purity - under the right government of course!
underyourfeet 28-Mar-2010 12:6
ID cards are just another tax, HM gov already know more than they need to know about us.
Greengorilla 8-Jan-2010 16:43
cornishstu 10-Dec-2008 23:4
ID cards will not control immigration but the government can if it has the will to. As an Island state we are better able to control our ports of entry than the rest or Europe and sort out the wheat from chaff. 99% of those seeking asylum should be turned back as they have had to come from a safe haven to get to the UK. We have finite resources and they are already so overstretched that they are on the verge of collapse
Andromeda 4-Jul-2008 10:31
In response to Jale's comment, I would say that I am personally more concerned about being a pushover than being considered inhumane.

There is very little Britain can do to affect the domestic conditions of another country. One would have thought that refugees would flee to the nearest safe haven rather than come half way across the world. If they prefer to come half way across the world then they are economic migrants.

While some of us do not object to economic migrants, others do, and it would be undemocratic to disregard the voices of those who object to uncontrolled immigration that they perceive to be against their interests.

It is not the government's role to not be inhumane to newcomers as Jale seems to feel, but to govern in the best interests of those of us who are legitimately here.
remove 3-Jul-2008 23:8
It is more humane to focus on the causes of immigration - what pushes people to leave their homes and communities. I fear looking for technical methods to control where people can go ends up making it easier for Governments to be inhumane.
Anselm 22-Dec-2007 19:10
ID cards are a waste of money and the database is simply a centralist regime. There is always a possibility of these being hacked and knowing today's government, they will discriminate based on it. It will not help immigration, a border police and decent policies would. The £2500 fines are pathetic too; Labour are trying to put as much control on us as possible. And think of the black market for these ID cards; it will be massive and the user who gets their card stolen from them will be given the fine and the blame, not the thief.
IanMacdonald 2-Dec-2007 23:5
I agree that bringing in ID cards is a waste of time and money. No matter how much they try immigrants will always be able to forge them. In some ways you could say that we already have several forms of ID cards all of which have already been forged. Even if we did bring in ID cards this will not help prevent illegal immigration. The fact is that labour has lost count of the amount of immigrants and British people coming and going from this country. ID cards would only prove a shambles. If on the other hand the country did have full control over immigration and we did know what was happening fully there might be some chance of implanting it into place properly. Right now it will like building a house on a swamp. Still let’s not forget that it wouldn’t work anyway.

anglian 22-Nov-2007 13:16
The topic is a red herring. The government aren't interested in controlling immigration.
timgbull 20-Nov-2007 19:5
ID OK - Biometric Database NO
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