23:55  |  10 December 11
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Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill

It is telling, is it not, that it is only on this ridiculous and unnecessary piece of legislation that MPs are indulged by being allowed to vote with their consciences?

Are there not enough people around that we need to artificially create humans to further desecrate the environment with their consumption, aspirations and carbon footprints?

Why is it, though, that our government is perpetually bent on sponsoring folly?

Is it that important that gays and lesbians be given the option of having a child (probably at taxpayers' expense) that will probably be having problems with its self-identity when it grows up, particularly when that couple have split up? (It is of course well-known that homosexual relationships are more unstable than marriage, even in these days of easy divorce.)

Below is an imagined conversation between an Irresponsible Lesbian Mother and her laboratory-created Half-Human Half-Animal "Son":

Little Boy: Mother, who was my father?

Irresponsible Lesbian Mother: You don't have one, dear. I had you created with my ex-girlfriend who has now gone off with another woman when she discovered that motherhood was not to her liking. We felt it was a lifestyle choice at the time, a bit like having a new kitchen or a pet that was just made for us.

Little Boy: Am I a Freak of Nature, mum?

Irresponsible Lesbian Mother: I'm afraid some unkind people would say so, darling. Just ignore them, dear.

Little Boy: Does this mean that if I grow up to be a psychotic serial murderer, because of my inability to come to terms with my biological origins, people will understand and empathise?

Irresponsible Lesbian Mother: That is perfectly possible, dear boy, if the fund of compassion has not been completely exhausted and Western civilisation still exists in any recognisable form.

If those who cannot reproduce normally feel a little left out, why is it the state's (and by extension the taxpayer's) role to look after these people?

If most women who put career before motherhood are too dim or career-focused not to realise that they are compromising their fertility and their marriage prospects by leaving it too late, then the obvious solution would be a change of behaviour, such as marrying younger, and getting an alpha male such as Tony Blair to propose to you because he likes the way you clean toilets without having to be asked (as related by Cherie Blair in SPEAKING FOR MYSELF), choosing men with incomes capable of supporting a housewife, rather than aiding and abetting these women in continuing in their fertility-challenged lifestyles.

What is worse is that quite a few of these women, suddenly becoming aware of the error of their ways in their mid-30s, intentionally get themselves pregnant by men to whom they have temporary sexual access but who are not husband-material. They then turn up on the doorsteps of their parents (if still together), who are expected to be grateful at the prospect of becoming the grandparents of an illegitimate grandchild.

This fact is proudly announced to neighbours, friends and family, who are expected to congratulate them.

The crime is complete when we do, because we do not wish to give offence.

Criminalising abortion at 22 weeks and legalising it at 24 is mere tinkering with the whole principle of abortion on demand. Those who are determined to have one will have one anyway.

Stem cell research for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease and the possibility of a cure is ALSO a waste of time because

(a) they are old people's diseases
(b) we should just let go when we can only be repaired with great difficulty
(c) there are too many people around anyway

As for the creation of "saviour siblings", Darwinian theory suggests that if you have a child that is not fit for life, then the most rational course of action is try to have another one that is, rather than have another one to save the one that is unfit. If the unfit one carries on for a bit, your precious resources of time and energy will be taken up in keeping alive a life that is unviable, sickly and unproductive, when your energies would be more profitably directed to supporting a child that is healthy and normal. To this folly is compounded the fact that the taxpayer is expected to sponsor this indulgence of compassion.

This cancer of compassion has now spread to every organ of national life.

It is suggested that an Euthanasia Bill (for the self-righteous, interfering, wasteful and dim, who think that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill is a productive use of Parliamentary time) would be more likely to improve life for the average Briton than this piece of legislative folly.
Vote: Is the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill a waste of time and resources?

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Members Comments

deborahhughes 21-May-2008 9:7
It's a waste of time as it is just another example of a puppy-like parliament endorsing anything and everything that "science" wants whilst ignoring the "public debate" that politicians are so fond of calling for when any dubious scientific licence is called for.
Anselm 20-May-2008 14:6
I don't think that killing someone to treat someone else is at all humane or moral. It should not be allowed.

Who says that they'll actually find a solution from this? Sacrificing innocent lives, that's the main thing here. No one has the right to take away someone's life, especially an innocent unborn child like this.

Human-animal embryos sound like a horrific proposal and I'd ebb away from anything like that - keep life natural, please.

Children need a father, they have certain qualities and characteristics that two mothers won't have. The conversation above is strangely enough what could come out of this, and it could cause further social problems in school (the word "bastard" comes to mind).
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