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GAY AND LESBIAN - civil partnership

Should the Civil Partnership Act 2004 - which gives homosexual couples equal legal status and tax breaks as a married couple - be repealed? Do we not want the adage "Marry (or civilly partner) in haste, repent at leisure" to also apply to homosexuals? Should they not be made to suffer the same financial consequences as heterosexual couples who foolishly equate marriage as an impermanent declaration of romantic love, and not a contract to bring up children together (which the true purpose of marriage)?
Vote: Should a same-sex couple in a civil partnership have the same rights against each other as a married couple?

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Members Comments

reunion 9-Nov-2009 19:48
Why bother, if it's about property then just buy in joint names. They can't really expect maintenence payments in this day and age. Perhaps they want to be covered for children - I didn't think same sex couples could produce offspring because it takes one of each sex. If we're going into the territory of adoption then I suspect this is a another good reason why same sex couples and bringing up children is an issue.
06gforty 8-Jan-2008 17:29
anyone should be allowed to live together- but it shouldnt be called marrige- that defeats the object
Anselm 22-Dec-2007 19:14
One purpose of marriage is to produce and bring up children, and homosexual couples can not do this. For that reason my vote is NO.
Wildgoose 19-Dec-2007 12:58
The question isn't phrased in a neutral manner, so I won't vote.

I will however state that I believe that a "marriage" contract should be available for any unmarried adult individuals wishing to enter into such a partnership regardless of gender, sexuality or anything else for that matter. I would also allow the simultaneous marriage of several such individuals thereby allowing a married couple to also be a married triple, etc.

Remember though, that I do stipulate currently UNMARRIED and ADULT. I do not believe a couple should be allowed to extend into a mutiple partnership without first divorcing in order to reduce the possibility of unwarranted coercion within an existing relationship.

Naturally, all such marriage patrnerships should be treated equally under the law just like any other legal association.
lfbuk 20-Nov-2007 18:15
can they as a couple reproduce?
Then NO!!
SandalsMan 4-Nov-2007 18:30
What an unfairly slanted preamble to the question put up for the vote!
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