21:36  |  10 December 11
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Is it Quixotic and lunatic or principled and courageous? Is he grandstanding for a future leadership election? If so, does he deserve to be leader of the Conservative Party? It is unimaginable that Cameron would ever do such a thing, led as he is by focus groups rather than anything resembling a conviction or a principle.

Interestingly, UKIP MP Bob Spink voted with the government on the 42-day detention law.


UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom, a constituent of David Davis, applauds him and says he will campaign for him, but the fact is that UKIP’s only MP voted for 42-day detention.


The BNP are against 42 day detention


as are the LibDems and Socialist Workers Party.

The British Muslim Forum's support for 42 day detention is a little surprising, but there's nowt so queer as folk ...

Vote: Should David Davis have resigned from the House of Commons to take a stand against 42-day detention?

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sherdian0 18-Nov-2008 10:14
I totally agree that he did the right thing in standing up to be counted and standing by what he believes in, that is very rare in a Politician these days and it should be commended and supported.
I feel that slowly but surely we are heading towards a police state, plus do not forget that when these laws are passed they are then used for a lot more then they were supposed to be used for, i.e. when the Icelandic banks assets were frozen using anti terror laws. So we as a people/nation should be very wary of all these anti terror laws that keep being proposed and should say NO, to our MP’s (although not that matters much these days 99% of the time they just vote how they are told to vote, especially on important matters without taking the time to consult their continuants)
BarneyBear 22-Jul-2008 19:19
At least some is standing up against the steady erosion of civil liberties.
He has my backing...
SarahD 16-Jun-2008 16:13
What on earth does he think he is doing? Parliament has debated this issue and made its decision. Why does one MP feel he needs to widen the debate? What do we elect these MPs for in the first place?

To be frank, I really don't think many people give a rat's **se about this issue, and the people near Hull even less!

I would be surprised if he gets a 20 per cent turn out for the election!! What a waste of time!
Mally 16-Jun-2008 11:12
I don't know if David Davis did the right thing or not, but I feel great respect for him and his actions.

In my own personal opinion we have become a nation of fools, everyone seems only to look at A or B, whilst the correct answer may be C or something else, any thing else. We ask our selves if we should support the forty two days without charge or not. I only things where that simple. I would support this forty two days in extreme cases where such was absolutely necessary. However if we take actions like this, we may ironically, whilst attempting to increase public saftey, put the public at risk.

Our special relationship with the Bush regime changes the whole thing around. We are not the good guys we're just another bunch, looking out for our selves. The rest of the world no longer trusts us. Our perception of those we perceive as our enemies in this so-called war on terror, is that their thinking makes no sense, but the whole war on terror, as the public see it, makes no sense.
avtar 15-Jun-2008 23:34
since 9/11 terrorists have killed 55 people which works out at 8 people a year. motorists kill 10 people EVERY DAY! why do people who insist a single life is priceless not then campaign for the motor car to be banned? why do they (usually) boast of their pride at Britain's role in fighting Hitler and saving our liberties but neglect to mention that MILLIONS of lives were lost; weren't those lives priceless or was freedom and liberty worth more in the 1940s?
Anselm 15-Jun-2008 16:32
David Davis is taking a stand against the continued loss of civil liberties. China's communist regime only has 37 days, yet a supposedly democratic country has 42. It is not needed, not required, and David Davis has made a brave decision to take a stand. It might not have been the best decision, but it was certainly a good one - he has shown that he is a man of conviction.

This law could be used for anyone, for anything - "innocent until proven guilty" has disappeared.
tebay 15-Jun-2008 14:19
the anti terror laws will be and are being used against any one who dissagrees with the powers that be.
support David Davis.
please watch on google video.
"taking liberties"
jeffreymarshall 15-Jun-2008 2:13
I realise this law would not be restricted to Muslims. Anyway, the right to detain someone for 42 days would not mean that he/she would necessarily be detained that long. It is merely a measure that could be used when needed.

It is unlikely to be used in a frivolous or random way.

When immigrants & the descendants of immigrants take it upon themselves to carry out suicide bombings on the London tube network, then these sorts of people should be looked at very, very closely – for 42 days perhaps. Or even longer.

The people in question are unlikely to have paycheques or partners. The worst that can happen is whilst they’re banged up their mothers tape over their martyrdom videos with the latest episode of Eastenders.

And if they do have paycheques, homes, & partners – well, there is the punishment element perhaps.

After all, being released doesn’t mean they’re innocent – only that insufficient proof has been found of their guilt so far.
Andromeda 14-Jun-2008 8:26
I am astonished that there are at least two commentators here who seem to think that the anti-terrorist law will only be used against Muslims.

What would you be like after being detained for 42+ days on some trumped-up terrorist charge? Will you still have your job? Your paycheque? Your home? Your partner?

Who cares that the Muslims can't be bothered to defend their own civil liberties! The ones we are talking about -the British Muslim Forum - have been bought off, like the DUP ...

And do you really trust any government not to use it against you when it could, if it wanted to?

It would be naive of anyone to think that being a Muslim necessarily means you are brown-skinned. European converts and terrorist bombers are not unheard of. Anyone caught entering a mosque or reading the Koran could be accused of being radicalised.

Although I am disappointed that David Davis supported the Iraq invasion (the litmus test of political judgment as far as I am concerned), I see that he is doing some good by highlighting this very important issue of civil liberties for a bit longer than 3 days in order for it to sink into the public consciousness.
jeffreymarshall 13-Jun-2008 18:3
Totally agree with Alan Harvey, & regret the BNP are opposing 42 days.

Davis argues that 50% of people held so far under 28 days have turned out to be innocent.

I would say it's equally likely the police have simply not found enough evidence so far to charge such people properly. The government should seek to apply indefinite detention of these people, & if this has to done incrementally – 42, 60, 90 days, etc - then so be it.

It does seem that Davis is finally losing his marbles and this is good news for those of us opposed to any revival of the right wing of the Conservative Party: for - if they manage to get a right-wing leader - dissatisfied voters may overlook the fact that the Tories are basically a bunch of pro-immigration, pro-EU, globalising free-marketeers.

I applaud The Sun's former editor, Kelvin McKenzie, for his suggestion that he may stand against Davis.

Lastly, it was instructive to notice that not a single Asian MP appeared among the list of Labour rebels last Wednesday. Why not? Why do the white middle-classes feel moved to defend the civil liberties of Muslims if they can’t even be bothered to do so themselves? Madness!
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