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The following are ostensibly the questions we are asked to consider.


Should it be a crime to pay for sex? The British government wants to make it illegal to pay for sex with prostitutes who are controlled by pimps or have been trafficked to the UK. Will this move protect vulnerable women? Men who pay for sex could be publicly identified and even charged with rape, if they knowingly have sex with a woman forced into prostitution. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said it would 'be a good thing' if the measures deterred men from visiting prostitutes. Sex workers have criticised the proposal, saying they could be at greater risk if they have to work alone or in remote neighbourhoods.

Should the sex-trade be subject to tougher laws? Or would decriminalisation be a better move? How should governments prevent trafficking?

The 1Party legal advice to seekers and purchasers of sexual services is this:

Apart from going equipped with the wherewithal for safe sex, he should also bring along a form to be filled in by the provider to protect him from criminal proceedings:

I, [name of prostitute], a provider of sexual services, do hereby declare to [name of client] a purchaser of my sexual services, that I have not been forced into prostitution.

Vote: Should an officious and puritanical woman who indulges in empty gesture politics be allowed to remain Home Secretary?

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Members Comments

dignitas 15-Dec-2008 23:22
Jacqui smith is the personification of Labour. incompetent. meddling, useless and out of touch. At a time when our children are the subject of ever increasing violence both on our streets and in our governments care she directs the full tenacious focus of her might and power towards freeing prostitutes and oppressed women all over the land from the sexist, oppressive tyranny of evil men. good job Ms smith has her fingers on the pulse of the nation or god forbid what would happen other wise.. it would soon slide back to the dark ol' days of Taliban style oppression..!?! Mrs Smith, like it seems, every other member of our governments cabinet have an unnatural ability to do so much yet achieve nothing of any worth: a rise in killings and murders from illegal firearms-Mrs Smiths response? the Banning of the sale of all toy BB guns without a home office approved license.
Banning Japanese swords...not Machetes, pangas, short swords, korean swords, chinese swords, bayonettes... not even increasing any penalty, just the erosion of liberties in the interest of 'security'.... i could go....
Like our current government, she MUST go.

Andromeda 20-Nov-2008 8:33
It is conceivably a feminist agenda to limit the supply of sex to men through criminalising those of them who want no-strings sex. This is done out of apparent female solidarity, and a vindictive puritanism especially directed at men without partners or men with partners but who want a different kind of sex.

Note that it is female ministers such as Har-person and Smith who propose this. Women also tend to be more censorious than men in these matters because they want to maintain their monopoly as suppliers. Men being consumers of sex naturally want more competition in the form of non-unionised labour.

As Shaw said, "The difference between marriage and prostitution is the difference between trade unionism and unorganised casual labour."
Scorpio 20-Nov-2008 2:40
Prostitution is correctly termed one of the oldest trades, if not the oldest in human history. Many attempts have been made over the millennia to control, particularly dissuade, this essential and much sought after service and with absolutely no exceptions, all have failed conspiciously.

When on takes a cursory glance at the intellectual qualities of the current Home Secretary one is immediately confronted with the uniqueness of her position whereby she has been able to destroy the the theory of the "Peter Principle" and has proved that it is possible to rise above one's level of incompetence. Is it at all likely that this member of Her Majestey's government is likely to succeed?

Ross Logie
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