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LIBERTY - "Paki"


Prince Harry's use of the word "Paki" about an Asian colleague is to be looked at by his commanding officer in line with "normal Army procedures", the Ministry of Defence said.

The young royal was caught on film three years ago referring to a comrade as "our little Paki friend".

An Army spokesman said: "The Army does not tolerate inappropriate behaviour in any shape or form. The Army takes all allegations of inappropriate behaviour very seriously and all substantive allegations are investigated. This specific case will be dealt with in line with normal Army procedures."
Vote: Should Prince Harry have apologised for using the word "Paki" about an Asian colleague?

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JackOfBlades 13-May-2009 17:34
Of course he shouldn't have apologised. His friend didn't give a damn and he said it in a private, barrack-room environment. Most importantly, he said it without malice.

Where's the harm? This is the sort of thing you literally have to seek out in order to be offended by it.
Herb 17-Jan-2009 23:22
Far too many people in our society are reverting to the state of being primitives - they are creating a system of taboos.

The latest absurdity is that pronouncing the word PAKI is "taboo". Say "Paki" and primitive busybodies who want to set themselves up as High Priests cause a Great Commotion.

The only thing to be regretted is is that Prince Harry is not allowed to tell his critics to F*** off.

My advice to Harry is - tell them to F*** off anyway. There is nothing significant that they can do about it, and there will be a loud chorus of applause from the part of the population that is still sane.
scamp126 14-Jan-2009 22:38
Those who are planning for the day when no-one ever says anything distasteful to anyone else will have a very long wait. Also, a third party deciding what is inappropriate between others will almost certainly be applying his own prejudices rather than understanding their true relationship.

I have friends of Indian origin who sometimes tease each other with words that would most certainly be considered unacceptable if used by me. (I am white British.) It makes me uneasy because, although we are all old colleagues, this is one time when I cannot join in the banter – they wouldn’t mind but the new, muddy, intolerant and discriminatory social rules make me wary. Indeed they have resulted in cutting me off from my friends in certain circumstances, rather than bringing us together.

It seems ironic to me that at the time of this ‘offence’ these two young men were comrades in arms, their lives in constant peril, in the service of their country; and I really can’t imagine that either of them was much concerned over a few words, PC or not.

Apologies for offence given are strictly the business of the two people involved. I would be astonished if there is anyone who has not at some time been called a name which they have found upsetting. Are we to castigate a five year old who calls his playmate ‘fat’? We all learn from these situations, or we should do. The old saying about ‘sticks and stones’ is applicable here. The priorities of some people will always be a mystery to me.
BarneyBear 13-Jan-2009 17:56
The whole thing is a storm in a teacup. Sheer sensationalism, with political correctness gone mad and way over the top!!!
LeeSouthend 13-Jan-2009 16:48
The word Paki is only an abrevation of Pakistan. If Pakistanis are offended when there identified as such then perhaps they should clean up their toilet of a country.

You are right, Rommie, apologising didn't do him any good at all. The PC idiots will beat him as long as they can with this.
Anselm 13-Jan-2009 7:37
Calling a Pakistani a Paki is no different to calling a Briton a Brit, or whatever else.

Should everyone who's called him "Ginge" apologise too?

This country has gone down under political correctness.
dignitas 12-Jan-2009 22:15
It depends on what he is apologising for. I agree with the given comments that the word in itself is not offensive and as far as i can tell was not meant to be as such, and yes it is through some people's political correctness though more to do with sensationalist media that the whole debacle has been blown out of all proportion. However, I feel it would be prudent to apologise if anyone had, for whatever reason, taken offense by the word. He is, as has been pointed out, in more scrutiny by an ever over-zealous press than most other people therefore more through expediency would find it better to apologise. ...however.. [dudley's) coment: "the muslims are using the political correct madness to thier advantage and the sooner we stand up and tell them to get out the better" i think is rather missing the point, as it is the press that is making this an issue not "the muslims".
usdssss 12-Jan-2009 21:24
Let him work it out with his colleague - surely they are responsible enough to sort it out for themsleves to the satisfaction of the army and each other. Doesn't he have the sort of upbringing to be able to work this sort of thing out? Why does the press have to get involved? Surely it is only for sensation.
dudley 12-Jan-2009 19:56
australia-aussie scotland-jock, ireland-paddy, welsh-taffy,japanese-jap,chinese-chink,swedish-swede,polish-pole,american-yank etc.etc. why should someone apologise for paki?, the muslims are using the political correct madness to thier advantage and the sooner we stand up and tell them to get out the better
Derek 12-Jan-2009 19:11
It is as deadly serious as if someone called Prince Harry a "Brit".

But the fact is that we do live in a ghastly, politically-correct age and Prince Harry is not an "ordinary" young man. He has to operate to a higher standard, or damage his family.
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