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Are men oppressed? Do women oppress men? Are "feminazis" a real problem for men or something dreamt up by misogynistic men who cannot cope with dealing with women as equals?

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Vote: Should men question chauvinistic feminism that allows women to simultaneously claim to be (1) equal to men (2) superior to men AND (3) the weaker sex in need of greater protection?
Vote: Women have WOMAN'S HOUR on Radio 4. Should men have MAN'S HOUR?

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bubblyian 26-Mar-2010 17:27
We need more than one hour a week for men's issues - how about a whole channel devoted to men's issues? There are dozens of channels wholly or mainly deovted to women's views and nothing for men (other than sport or girly channels), no serious consideration of any issues from a male perspective.
dignitas 26-Jan-2009 20:58
i dont think we really need a 'mens hour' on radio 4, to be honest the whole thing is pretty patronizing, the general idea of "there you go love, that bit o' radio's for you.." it merely seems to entrench the idea of separation. radio content on any station is pretty undiscriminating to be quite honest, it's pretty much general music, and non gender specific banter. And album chart sales are mainly influenced by female consumers anyway.. it's the same as having a 'ladies version' in anything you find in shops, you usually find the difference is it is PINK. Obviously somebody somewhere has worked out that WOMEN = BUYING POWER and end half thought out, miss guided result is a Pink bicycle pump and Radio 4s womans hour!
Anselm 26-Jan-2009 16:20
Feminism was once a movement for equality, now it's a movement for domination - it's pretty simple - just look at what Harperson's doing now.

I also notice that Woman's Hour is on at 10am - seems more like an assumption that they'll be at home then to me actually.
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