23:16  |  10 December 11
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DEMOCRACY - opinion polling with gallows in Parliament Square

Elliot Morley MP is in such deep do-do over claiming interest on a mortgage he has already paid off that he has been suspended by the Labour Party.

At least he cannot use the tired old excuse that it was "all within the rules". Dark mutterings of fraud have been heard.

I wonder if there is any law that prohibits the ostentatious erection of multiple gallows in Parliament Square.

They could be added and taken off according to how the populace feel about the performance of our political classes. It may be more effective than getting YouGov to poll us.
Vote: Should gallows be erected in Parliament Square as a form of opinion polling?

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Members Comments

LeeSouthend 18-May-2009 17:33
It would help get the message accross.
I've heard talk that MPs who voted yes to the Lisbon treaty are guilty of treason. It's something to do with conspiring to take power from the Crown, so gallows would be appropate in anti EU demos.
24732292 15-May-2009 19:42
It certainly would be very nice to get the government we deserved, if only the electoral system was more fair. First past the post, winner takes all, leaves very many people permanently unrepresented (in the way they would want to be represented). As for the gallows idea: brilliant! One for each twerp. That would be 600 plus. Do you think there's enough room for all of those in Parliament Square? It certainly would be a very popular tourist attraction!
avtar 15-May-2009 18:5
Amusing but, ultimately, pointless. The root problem is that we do not live in a real democracy and it was never intended to be one. The establishment has merely deigned to allow us an input into which one of 2 megalomaniacs get to rule over us like gods. For those of us in a safe seat, whether labour or tory, we don't even realistically have that input; only those who live in a marginal constituency really have a chance to make a difference. We need direct democracy now.


scamp126 15-May-2009 13:4
Oh, so tempting – but – we already have regular opinion polls, which too many people ignore, called elections. It may be an uncomfortable truth but a major part of the burden of democracy lies with the electorate. It is all very satisfying to become indignant and acrimonious when we discover that our representatives have feet of clay, but MPs are no more – or less – perfect than the rest of us.

Few comments irritate me more than – ‘I always vote Labour (or Conservative, Etc, Etc)’. This is a cop out. We cannot all be at the forefront of the democratic process but we can, and should, put some effort into considering all candidates for parliament and voting according to their ideas, record and abilities.

If not, we get the government we deserve. It’s as much our fault as theirs.
JOSIE 15-May-2009 12:6
What a delicious thought!
Cassiopeia 15-May-2009 9:50
What a super idea, and please leave the big, rough timber gallows in place permanently as a warning to them all.

It would be a good tourist attraction, too.
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