23:16  |  10 December 11
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Chamber of Debate

Peter Mandelson or David Cameron?

Vote YES for Peter Mandelson.

Vote NO for David Cameron.
Vote: Who would you like to be Prime Minister if you could only choose between Peter Mandelson and David Cameron?

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Members Comments

avtar 6-Jul-2009 17:14
personally i think they're both tossers and should be replaced by directly elected PMs in a direct democracy with no room for MPs:


jeffreymarshall 1-Jul-2009 14:2
Personally, I would choose Cameron. But the electorate ought to decide.

If PM were to replace GB as PM with immediate effect (GB might perhaps be retired on the basis that he is psychologically unfit to govern, & then placed in an institution if he objects), Mandy could go to the country at the time of his choosing – provided it is no later than next spring.

We should see a fascinating contest of personalities - which is really as much as can be hoped for in ideologically-cleansed times.

In fact - & on second thoughts - provided something called Ed Balls is removed from office, I don't really mind which candidate wins.
indian 30-Jun-2009 19:27
Cynics, stop your strop about D.Cameron, the man has character, God knows we need such. The Labour shysters must be done for all time, God bless Great Britain.
scamp126 30-Jun-2009 16:29
I can't imagine what strange nightmare brought the possibility of Mandelson as PM to mind but, horrifyingly, once proposed, one realises that anything is possible in the Kafkaesque world of New Labour. In a world where promotion up to and beyond a level of incompetence is commonplace, a more blatant case of self-aggrandisement is difficult to recall. No, no, a thousand times no.
IanMacdonald 30-Jun-2009 12:6
British politics is unpredictable and I would not like to make any in stone predictions but I do not believe that Peter Mandelson would be able to win in the next general election should those circumstances arise, or at least in theory he should not be able to on the reasons that you mentioned. He would probably win anyway. It’s just the way of the world. I know it.
Andromeda 30-Jun-2009 11:14
It is not much a choice, I know, but this is what politics is now reduced to!

But do you perhaps agree with me that Peter Mandelson is the only person in the Labour Party capable of winning the next General Election, however much you dislike and distrust him?
24732292 30-Jun-2009 9:58
God help us, what a choice.
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