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BNP - colour bar

It is a fine balance between the BNP compromising on their "all-whiteness" and the perhaps more important goal of showing that they mean business and can be effective and responsive to changing circumstances, with a leadership that is capable of taking chances and seizing the day.

Lifting their colour bar would give people the impression that there are changes afoot and a development to the BNP's particular story. The press might give it increased coverage. More people (of all races) might join. Its membership could snowball.

Knowing when to compromise may just be the difference between empty posturing and effective action.

If they raised the colour bar they could become more attractive to a lot of the disillusioned UKIP and Eurosceptics. (After all, "BNP" is the name of the other Eurosceptic party which no one dares to speak of in mixed company ... )

Here is an interesting statistic:

70% of Britons - including 47% of Asians and 45% of blacks - believe that too many immigrants are being let into the country (Commission on Integration and Cohesion/The Times) [The Week, 22 December, Poll Watch, p17)

How many votes would they add up to at the next General Election if these "ethnics" (as the BNP calls them) felt they could vote for the BNP without feeling like turkeys voting for Xmas?
Vote: Should the BNP continue its policy of preventing non-whites from joining as full members?

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Chris 5-Oct-2009 22:36
By imposing a colour bar until such time as the ruling neo-Marxist regime lifts ITS colour bar against Whites within the public sector, the BNP should at least retain this policy in practice!
Bethemedia 15-May-2009 18:57
Seeing as its their whole reason for existing yes they should. As far as their argument that there are "Blacks only" organisations, it should be pointed out that they do not seek to represent the British people in government.

Fortunately most people can see them for what they really are.
eastlondoner 11-Jul-2008 15:5
do the bnp allow non whites in? What about partners of bnp members?
Hunter 31-Mar-2008 11:50
I keep seeing this reference to the 'colour bar' being illegal. It isn't. Prove me wrong and show me the evidence. What is definately illegal are some of the groups mentioned in the list posted by evanthespy. It is illegal to be racist in the Police Force (sorry, that should be Service, as PC states 'Force' is too aggressive a word....)

Yet the very existence of the Federation of Black Police Officers, which does not allow 'white' members, is true racism. It is claimed this federation exists to look after the interests of 'black' officers. This would imply that the Federation of Police Officers is not capable of looking after the interests of 'ethnic' members.

What seems to be missed about the BNP's 'white only' membership is just that. It is a group, with strong Political leanings, that has been formed to look after the interests of the indigenous population of Britain. Which just happens to be 'white'. Were the population to be 'blue' then it would be a 'blue only' Party. This is what the media and far-left agitators use to call the BNP racist. Only 'whites' can be racist in their eyes. If they were so hell-bent on putting and end to racism, then they should put their own house in order first, making sure that 'black' racist groups are highlighted as such and not as 'self-interest' groups. In a fair and equal society you can't have it both ways.
RichardCostello 20-Feb-2008 22:20
A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to improve the image of the Party. This will become more apparent as time goes by. They are already making gains at local levels, which has been missed by the main media. Already the mainstream parties are starting to take on the British National Party stance, albeit very carefully and slowly.
estivboy 18-Jan-2008 16:12
Evanthespy 'What have the Romans done for us?' - ie brought peace, medicine, roads and transport, employment etc' Actually no they borrowed those ideas. Ever heard the term 'The victor writes history'
For people such as yourself with a skewed view of white achievement i recommend the multi international award winning book 'Guns, Germs and Steel' by Jared Diamond.
I can assure you it'll open your eyes, provided you're amenable to that sort of thing.
evansthespy 18-Jan-2008 9:29
Thns Estivboy for reading my efforts. If the BNP is the only party representing the white UK group then let's keep it that way.
Ref the Empire - sounds like a case of 'What have the Romans done for us?' - ie brought peace, medicine, roads and transport, employment etc - oh - and more recently independence.
estivboy 17-Jan-2008 21:26
Evansthespy. Nice list. Could you please tell me which of these organisations is a political party attempting to establish a sitting member of parliment? Why can't you tell the difference between a political party and a friendship group and why that is of fundamental importance to this debate. When you go overseas have a look at all the expat clubs and social societies. Oh and don't forget the vast areas of Spain and France full of British people. Good god, this country established the largest colonial power the world has ever known and did it by force. All forgotten now of course.
evansthespy 17-Jan-2008 14:40
1. Watford Asian Community care

2. Watford African Caribbean Association

3. National Black Police Association

4. Metropolitan Black Police Association

5. Black Londoners Forum

6. Black Information Link (BLINK)

7. Operation Black Vote

8. Federation of Black Housing Organisations (FBHO)

9. Black Training Enterprise Group

10. Southwark Black Heritage Organisation

11. The Action Group for Irish Youth

12. Asians In Media (AIM)

13. Barfi Culture (Asians)

14. Black Britain

15. Black Enterprise

16. Black net Community

17. The Black Presence In Britain

18. Black Search

19. Black UK Online

20. Board Of Deputies of British Jews

21. Chinatown Online

22. Clickwalla (Asian)

23. Dimsum (Chinese)

24. Doncaster Chinese


26. Every Generation (Black)

27. Jewish.Co.UK

28. Jewish Telegraph

29. MMLondon (Asian)

30. Red Hot Curry (Asian)

31. National Association of Nigerian Communities - UK (NANC)

32. Barnsley Black and Ethic Minority Initiative

Have you noticed how the media NEVER calls any of these organisations “racist” even though they are openly organised along ethnic lines and stand for the rights of their respective communities?

It seems as if every group has the right to have an organisation speaking up for its rights - EXCEPT the indigenous British people
(copied from the BNP website)
evansthespy 17-Jan-2008 14:9
More wisdom from Sir Trevor - At the 2007 Labour Party conference, he claimed that the Ottoman Turks held up the Spanish Armada in 1588 at the request of Queen Elizabeth 1 of England. The claim was made to suit his "inclusive" agenda, but is factually wrong. He made no mention of the major Muslim assaults on Europe including the (much earlier)Battle of Tours (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Tours, the Battle of Vienna and the Fall of Constantinople
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