23:42  |  10 December 11
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DEVOLUTION - Scottish Nationalism

Vote: Should Al Megrahi have been released on compassionate grounds?

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Heidelberg 23-Sep-2009 18:8
It does seem more likely that it was Syria and not Libya that organized the bombing. Al Megrahi should not have been convicted.
BarneyBear 21-Aug-2009 19:59
Especially in the light of the fact that his conviction was politically influenced by the USA, lack of evidence, inconsistancies and incompetence at the the time of his trial. Possibly a miscarriage of jusice. It appears he was simply the scapegoat, because he is Gaddafi's cousin. The USA's arch enemy at the time. A dirty game of politics!
GWilliy 21-Aug-2009 14:4
Something very fishy going on here, looks like some covert plea bargaining which has ended up damaging Britain's relationship with America.

There should be NO influence or discussion about the the mans possible innocence - HE HAS BEEN FOUND GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW - FULL STOP - Any consideration of his innocence should take place via the appeals process & nowhere else!!

A travesty of justice has just taken place with this action whether he was innocent or not.
Anselm 21-Aug-2009 11:22
What David Cameron said about him not showing any compassion to the people he killed was true.

If he has 3 months to live, he will live longer in freedom than 2 of the passengers he killed.

What this man has done, which was completely uncompassionate, means that he should NEVER be considered for any sort of release, no matter what his condition. Keep him there and charge the Libyan government for his healthcare I say.
LeeSouthend 21-Aug-2009 9:55
Of course he should not. People have made the case that hes conviction is shakey but that is a case for the appeal courts. As it stands Al Megrahi has been found guilty of mass murder and deserves no mercy from our legal system as hes victims receved no mercy from him.
moon 21-Aug-2009 9:26
The release signals a great deal of sense and compassion on the part of Scots in Scotland. What a pity that the politicians they export are not of the same quality.
The act will be good for the reputation of the UK, sullied as it currently is by the criminal warmongering of our ' Peace Envoy '. It also puts a little clear water between the UK and America's shocking reputation as a torturing society.
Well done the Jocks. Hello Libya.
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