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FEMINISM - wives and mothers or career women?

Can women have it all? Do they want it all? Or do they just want to be wives and mothers again, with husbands who work for them?
Vote: Should women have a referendum on whether they would give up their rights under the Sex Discrimination and Equal Pay Acts and in return reacquire the ability to become mostly wives and mothers again?

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Andromeda 19-Jan-2010 8:4
The Equal Pay Act makes it harder for men to compete against women.

I am therefore suggesting that if men were able to easily earn more than women and easily keep their wives at home as housewives and mothers, it would be better for society.

I do not believe in gender equality and I certainly would not like any husband of mine to feel entitled to become a househusband while I go out and bring home the bacon!
estivboy 18-Jan-2010 7:51
So what about the modern house husband? Looks like DGrayFisk doesn't think that is an option. Andromeda the ever present free market populist and libertarian didn't mention it either. Considering that Friedman's free market theories are based on ZERO unemployment asking for markets to decide what is best for woman seems a bit pointless. Repealing the equal pay act wouldn't help woman or provide equality. Considering it hasn't helped while having it why would it help by removing it?
Could Andromeda please explain to us what it is we don't understand.
Andromeda 25-Nov-2009 9:9
It looks like some women want to have their cake and eat it.

I don't see what is wrong with letting the market decide.

If some employers want to pay men more because they think they are better employees, then let them.

If they want to pay women more, let them.

I would repeal the Equal Pay and Sex Discrimination Acts.

None of you seem to understand that, in order for most women to be able to become full time wives and mothers again, they have to give up the rights that the Sex Discrimination and Equal Pay Acts give them.

Nobody would necessarily be forced into becoming wives and mothers. Not all women were wives and mothers in the pre-feminist era anyway.
DGrayFisk 24-Nov-2009 19:26
A Referendim isn;'t necessarily the answer. Women should simply be encouraged, particularly by the ever powerful media, to be wives and mothers. Bringing up healthy and well balanced children is a major achievement and requires infinitely more 'skills' than a high flying career.
Anselm 24-Nov-2009 15:55
For me, the question is too collective. Does one measure fit all? No.

I think stay-at-home mothers are better, but not all women are mothers or desire to be, and they shouldn't be forced to be.

It's a case of what's best for the woman in question.
Derek 24-Nov-2009 15:9
I'm not voting. The Acts referred to should be repealed and the quangoes running them closed down. Every couple should be entirely free to come to whatever arrangements best suit themselves.
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