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AFGHANISTAN - Anjem Choudary, Al Muhajiroun, Wootton Bassett


Can one be against the war in Afghanistan yet "support" British troops?

If "supporting" British troops does not amount to more than unprotestingly allowing the government to send more British soldiers to their deaths, then surely soldiers can do without that kind of "support"?

Vote: Should Anjem Choudary's proposed march in Wootton Bassett be allowed to go ahead?

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1in10 1-May-2010 15:1
Our nation and our "entire Western Civilisation" is being destroyed by white western liberals, democrats and socialists not expansionist Islamic terrorists. It is white western liberals, democrats and socialists who destroyed Christianity in the West and who now want to destroy Islam. White liberals, democrats and socialists have allowed unlimited immigration into this country and have attempted to seduce and destroy Muslims with feminism and homosexuality just as they destroyed the host population, particularly the ever-servile English. People like Anjem Choudary need to do more than march. And British patriots need to realise that the enemy is not in Afghanistan.
AlanHarvey 13-Mar-2010 20:34
The total phoniness of the so-called "British" National Party is surely well illustrated by their attitude towards the War Against Terror in both Iraq and Afghanistan. They CLAIM to support the British nation, but when that nation and our entire Western Civilisation is attacked by expansionist Islamic terrorists they support these same terrorists rather than their own country! Hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites!
Andromeda 1-Feb-2010 8:49
Not sure what Mally is referring to. We are talking here about free speech and the right to protest. Just for talking publicly about holding a procession Anjem Choudary's organisations are now banned.

If he really did have terrorist connections he would have been arrested before.

You may think it serves him right for being a radical Muslim, being against the war in Afghanistan and telling us what we don't want to hear, but I feel that the free speech of the people we dislike is also OUR free speech.

"I may disapprove of what you say, but would defend to the death your right to say it."

Ever heard of that one, Mally?
Mally 1-Feb-2010 4:4
This whole thing was a load of nonsense, who really cares. Anjem Choudary has not got enough support to do anything anyway. Only the gutter press did any good out of this, urging a few yobos to riot.
estivboy 18-Jan-2010 7:34
Of course it should. If you don't like it go there and tell them. Don't be violent of course just voice your displeasure. Freedom of speech is fundamental, was fought hard for because historically we've rarely had, still don't. Whether you like the protest or not we shouldn't ban them.
reunion 10-Jan-2010 20:11
I also protested against the war but respect our sons and daughters in the armed forces. I support Britain. [Can't call it great any longer] the difference being, I support our culture, I refuse to condone a group of Islamic extremists parading their vile slogans on our streets. If they continue to abuse free speech in this way I'm fairly sure it won't be long before the good people of this country will retaliate and the government will face large scale protests against these preachers of hate.
MickyD53 10-Jan-2010 11:19
we cannot stop hime marching but we can make it uncomfortable for him and marches
Mally 9-Jan-2010 19:42
Dear All,
I believe this march should go ahead. We need balance in this so called "war on terror". Whilst I believe we are basically on the side of good, our hand are far from clean. We must do all we can to show that we better than terrorists, not just a bit different.
Andromeda 9-Jan-2010 17:31
People who oppose the march *and* oppose the war hate Muslims more than they want to prevent more British soldiers from dying for Bush, Blair and Brown.

Or they are just ghouls who enjoy the regular procession of coffins of dead young men and don't want it to stop.
Hally40 8-Jan-2010 18:55
Yes, if the request is made to the police then our democracy allows 4 it. However, I'm sure you will find that the people of Wootton Bassett and others will finds ways to show this rabble just what the rest of us think of them. Ex member of HM Forces.
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