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The conference in London of 28 January 2010 on Afghanistan was an unofficial but unmistakable admission of defeat. We have lost but we need to stay there and get killed for another 18 months so we can pretend we haven't lost and most important of all, haven't lost face. Soldiers who die from now on die to save the reputations of Bush, Blair and Brown. At the expense of the taxpayer. Time to go AWOL and mutiny? I would have thought so.

So, are the BNP going to ask for yet more donations from their hard-pressed members to end the war or are they actually going to tell the troops to go AWOL if they are on leave or MUTINY if they are already in Afghanistan? It is after all an ILLEGAL war and white boys are just dying for Bush, Blair and Brown who are yesterday's men. I think they are just gonna pussyfoot round this crap like the pussies they are, and ask for more money from their members rather than risk any trouble.

This project — which some sources said would cost the British taxpayer an additional £72 million — would see a programme of “job creation” in Afghanistan and the paying of Taliban soldiers to stop fighting and “defend their own villages.”

The mad plan proposes that at least 12,500 Taliban fighters will be paid cash to stop fighting because they have “nothing else to do.”

According to the Department for International Development, British taxpayers are already committed to £510 million in direct aid to Afghanistan over the next four years.

This money is mostly channelled through the Afghan government — which means they spend it on what they want. In this way, the new “peace plan” will see former Taliban fighters such as five senior Taliban regime figures and associates of Mullah Omar (who were all mysteriously removed from a United Nations’ sanctions list yesterday) given jobs, paid for by the British taxpayer.

The removal of former confidants of Mullah Omar from the UN sanctions list is a clear indicator that the Afghan government will now try to bring back the Taliban into the central government as a partner.

This move is endorsed by both Tory and Labour parties who both fail to see that this defeats the objective of their illegal war in the first place.

What the latest “plan” means is that:

- The original illegal invasion has now been made pointless;

- 250 British soldiers have died for nothing;

- The billions which the taxpayer has paid out for the war will now be topped off with further millions to pay out cash to the Taliban fighters who killed those British soldiers;

- The Taliban will end up back in the Afghan government, which only keeps going because of the already existing British taxpayer-supplied foreign aid grants.

All this money and all those lives SQUANDERED on an ILLEGAL war that we were bound to lose anyway.

If the war SHOULD be ended then it MUST be ended.

If it MUST be ended it must be ended AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If it must be ended as soon as possible then it means exactly that, not pussyfooting around crap just like all the other parties.
Vote: Should the BNP recommend mutiny to the troops in Afghanistan to end the war as soon as possible?

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Members Comments

1in10 27-Apr-2010 1:4
A brilliant idea Andromeda! However, I would go further and say the aim must not just be the end of the N.W.O. terrorism against the Afghans (which if our boys are there then they should be fighting alongside Afghan nationalists) but to destabilise the whole army and create a revolutionary situation because the BNP are unlikely to succeed under the current electoral regime.
AlanHarvey 5-Apr-2010 17:21
So there we have it. The so-called "British" National Party sides with the Taliban terrorists (who are bombing the West as part of their global expansionist aim) rather than their own country. says it all about the phoniness of the BNP!
Andromeda 31-Jan-2010 14:3
If the BNP want publicity and controversy when support for it is at an all-time low, NOW is the time to call British soldiers who are being killed for nothing in Afghanistan to down tools and defy the government who are prosecuting an ILLEGAL war.

If any member of the BNP is prosecuted, they would have the ready-made defence that one cannot be guilty of inciting a mutiny when the war concerned is generally considered to be illegal by international opinion and clearly against the British National Interest.

The British taxpayer paid to invade Afghanistan.

Now that enough British soldiers have been killed to cause unease in the government, the government now expects the taxpayer to pay the Taliban not to hurt us.

Surely even the dumbed-down New Briton is not going to fall for that?
SandalsMan 31-Jan-2010 8:20
How can any responsible organisation recommend mutiny to the Armed Forces of the Nation?
jeffreymarshall 29-Jan-2010 19:17
Most wars are illegal. International law has seldom been invoked as justification for the majority of armed conflicts in history.

Does this matter? Britain's pointless declaration of war on Germany in 1939 was a far greater evil than the war in Afghanistan. Yet this has been retrospectively presented as some sort of heroic battle of Good vs Evil through the sheer weight of Allied propaganda.

Perhaps the true evil of Afghanistan is that this particular Eight Years War has achieved so little.

The softer approach to the Taliban should have been made years ago.

If the war had been properly managed - with its laudable aim of expelling al-Qaeda and keeping them expelled - no-one would be complaining now. (Apart from the usual suspects, that is, who would no doubt be opposed any war whatsoever waged by this country, however defensive its aims.)
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