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BRITISH FOREIGN POLICY - USA - Special Relationship - America's Poodle

USA - special relationship - America's poodle - British foreign policy
Vote: Should the UK continue its "Special Relationship" with the USA (AKA its traditional role of being America's poodle)?

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Members Comments

AndrewSlade 5-May-2009 16:33
What on earth does "Dignitas" mean by "Our, at best, tenuous relationship with our European partners"?

Doesn't he realise that these johnny foreigners are practically running the whole country? "Masters" would be a more accurate description than "partners", as if we were somehow equal, instead of being a farflung, subservient, exploited outpost of their Colonial Empire, on a par with Reunion or Tahiti, at best.
dignitas 17-Jul-2008 14:32
Yes, i feel we should still retain our special relationship with the US.

As much as it appears that we do what America tells us to do the reality of it is that our government does EXACTLY what it wants to do. When we went to war with Iraq over (of many things) Oil we didnt just 'tag along' because America told us to, our goverment waged war on Iraq for the same reason as the US and for, ultimately our own ends, after all we are also an oil dependent nation. however as a government it is a lot easier to allow the Bigger, Louder guy to take any politcal fallout and just say that we were helping our ally.
Though to be fair i prefer the relationship we have with America by far to the, at best, tenuous relationship we have with our European 'partners'.
BarneyBear 5-Mar-2008 17:10
Britain's place is in Europe, not the USA's poodle in Europe, nor its 51st state!
LeeSouthend 27-Feb-2008 18:15
I see the USA as a better friend and ally than some of our historic rivals in Europe. I also voted a qualified yes because I dont trust the democrats either.
06gforty 8-Jan-2008 17:57
countries should keep their own wars to themselves- the whole thing in iraq was wrong but it was america's problem
Anselm 24-Dec-2007 14:49
I voted no for this one.

The UK is an independent country. What the USA does is their business, and the UK seems to get dragged into things it really shouldn't, e.g. Iraq. Therefore lives of many British servicemen are lost.

I agree with Herb on Kosovo - leave it to the Serbs and Russians, and keep Islam as far away from Europe as possible - not all Muslims are fundamentalists, but in any group of the size of a country some are and that's where a lot of terrorism comes from.
Herb 2-Dec-2007 18:32
I've voted "Yes" but it's a qualified yes, because - especially when power is held by the Democrats - there are times when U.S. policy, based on the mistaken belief multiculturalism works and that it and democracy are the best solution for all problems, is naively foolish.

This was the case when President Clinton sided with the rebellious Muslims in Kosovo against the Serbs and conducted his bloodthirsty and immoral bombing campaign on Serbian cities. Whether President Bush is about to repeat that mistake is unclear, though David Cameron is obviously even more foolish in the matter than was Clinton.

The Kosovo problem should be left entirely to the Serbs and their ally Russia to solve. Neither Britain nor America should do anything to further antagonise Russia nor should they harm their own interests by supporting any further advance of Islam into Europe as will happen if Kosovo falls into entirely Muslim hands.

Both the U.S. and British people should keep in mind that Russia is not their natural enemy, but their best natural ally in the insidious and deadly war being waged on us all by Islam.
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