3:16  |  6 December 11
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BNP 2012 London Mayoral Candidate

The BNP suspended Claire Khaw on 27 June 2011 for comments made on the Victoria Derbyshire Show in March 2011 when she said that if she were to have a severely disabled baby like Riven Vincent's Celyn, she would hope that the midwife would dispose of it for her, as midwives would when home births were the rule in this country rather than the exception.

If the midwife refused, she would have to resort to infanticide in order to avoid having the severely disabled baby destroying her life and her marriage and becoming a burden on the taxpayer who does not stand to benefit in any way from the existence of such a creature.

Claire Khaw has a school friend whose firstborn was severely disabled, who is now divorced and who has no other children.

The BNP, by suspending Claire Khaw are by implication suggesting that the correct behaviour for white women is to do as her school friend and Riven Vincent did, rather than take the honorable and pragmatic course of action that Claire Khaw proposes.

Riven Vincent, it should be noted, knew 13 years ago that she had MS. Yet she went on to have Celyn, who is now 7.

It could be said that Riven Vincent brought her own misfortunes on herself, and it seems strange to Claire Khaw that a party said to be concerned about the future of the white race should be seen to be encouraging behaviour that would lower the quality of the white race as well as diminish its numbers.

It appears that the BNP have suspended her so she cannot become the 2012 London mayoral candidate because they fear a bit of bad publicity from the disabled and their mum - vocal but electorally insignificant - that will be forgotten by the time we get to the next General Election.
Vote: Would Claire Khaw, an ethnic member of the BNP, attract more votes than any of their other 2012 London mayoral candidates?

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