3:16  |  6 December 11
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BNP - expulsion of prospective 2012 London mayoral candidate Claire Khaw

It is shameful that the BNP never comes to the defence of any of its members even when it should.

Many of the people did not hear what was actually said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show or read the transcript of what was said, though that does not stop them from opining in the way that people feel quite justified in opining about the Koran or Mein Kampf, without feeling the need to read it first.


It is sufficient that if a statement has caused offence, that is in itself sufficient reason to discipline or expel a member, irrespective of the rights and wrongs of the matter, apparently.

Who does Nick Griffin think he is – David Cameron?

If that is the case, then he would presumably have defended Ted Heath in sacking Enoch Powell from the Cabinet for his rivers of blood speech. Perhaps someone should ask the Chairman if that was what he would have done in Heath’s position.

Typically, a member is hung out to dry when they make what is perceived to be a gaffe. Claire Khaw claims she knew what she was doing and was even then marking out the battle lines to be fought against the liberal media. The mistake she made was in expecting someone in the party to get in touch with her to demand an explanation of what she was doing (which she would have given) before taking disciplinary action, but, as most members and ex-members of the BNP will tell you, there is no tradition of fair hearings or of protecting the rights of members the most important of which is freedom of expression, whose concept is no longer familiar to the people of this benighted country.

The Chairman said on radio once that he was not prepared to defend Jeffrey Marshall, currently East London Organiser, who made similar comments.

He could have, with presence of mind, suggested that the media get in touch with Jeffrey Marshall and it would have been a test of Jeffrey Marshall's political competence, been quite interesting to witness, as well as have created more media interest for the party and tested the calibre of this particular member.

Or, he could have issued a press release defending members who made perfectly legitimate expressions of private opinion on a subject that everyone is too afraid to discuss. However, it did not occur to the Chairman to do anything like this.

There is no future for the white man or for any organisation representing white people if white people cannot even bring themselves to treat each other honorably.
Vote: Should Claire Khaw have been expelled from the BNP for what she said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show?

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Members Comments

Andromeda 12-Jul-2011 8:44
Claire Khaw was invited to join by a BNP member and thought it would be rude to refuse.

The BNP are in any case legally obliged by the EHRC to admit non-white members.

Marine Le Pen of Front Nationale has embraced civic nationalism, sidled up to UKIP while distancing itself from the BNP. She will do very well in 2012 and it would have been a superb opportunity for the BNP to associate itself with something successful for a change.

Sadly, there are those who would would rather have the weeds of ethno-nationalism to the fruits of civic nationalism, and the Chairman is content to allow himself to be swayed by the dinosaurs, the disabled and their single mum.

Clearly, the BNP would rather support the right of the disabled and their single mother not to be offended than the Voice of Reason and the Ugly Truth.

Clearly, the Chairman sees it as both politic and expedient to be a little bit racist and a little bit PC, though I doubt that such a stance is going to win him votes.

They have no answer to how encouraging more women to be like Riven Vincent would be better for the white race than to let nature takes its course as regards non-viable severely disabled babies.

We shall see if the BNP even have a mayoral candidate.

If they do not, then one must form one's conclusion about the sorry state of the white race.
AndrewSlade 11-Jul-2011 17:37
What was Claire doing in the BNP anyway? She is a full blooded Malay Chinese with epicanthic folded eyelids to prove it: what the Duke of Edinburgh once called "slitty eyes". Why can't they find an Indigenous British Mayoral Candidate? Aren't there any Englisghmen left in London at all now, after decades of ethnic cleansing? As for NGF's high handed action, well that's his idea of "fuehrerprinzip" and he doesn't want anyone in his party capable of thinking for themself, presumably out of paranoid fear of splits.
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