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TAXATION - flat rate tax - UKIP

taxation - flat rate tax - UKIP
Vote: Should a flat rate tax (as proposed by UKIP) be introduced?

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SWSpartan 11-Nov-2009 14:50
I voted No

As an alternative, why not just have a set sliding scale e.g. £1-£10,000 (no tax-threshold), £10,001-£20,000 (10p in the pound), £20,001-£30,000 (20p in the pound), £30,001-£50,000 (30p in the pound) etc… with nobody paying more than 45p in the pound.

Still cannot accept the government taking more than 50% of anybodies wage.

The more you earn the more you pay in income tax but only the set tax within the set bracket, i.e. only pay the 30p on the £20,000 difference between £30k and £50k,not over your entire earnings above the threshold.
MGN2009 3-Jun-2009 23:22
I agree with a flat rate tax but with a higher personal allowance than UKIP are proposing
auric12 13-Jul-2008 18:26
It was actually proposed by the New Party well before UKIP.
Recyclotron 4-Jun-2008 19:1
No system of taxation is likely to be regarded as fair by all sections of society. We all want to pay as little tax as possible, but receive all the benefits that tax pays for.

Governments use tax to dissuade individuals from "bad" behaviour, like smoking and drinking, raise tax in cost efficient ways e.g. sales taxes, and also try to introduce fairness by progressively taxing income.

Few people would object to the super rich paying higher rates of tax, as few consider that they deserve their inflated incomes.
Anselm 22-Dec-2007 19:17
Yes - this is fairer on all people. Also, people who live in council houses on benefits generally use more public/council services that the average rich businessman on £250,000 a year.
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