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CRIME - harsher and cheaper punishment

harsher and cheaper forms of punishment
Vote: Should harsher and cheaper forms of punishment be introduced for a short sharp shock that would be inconsistent with a criminal's human rights?

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cgjudd 8-May-2009 10:30
yes but the question didn't allow sometimes. Family values, code of shame, improved sense of community, the real problem is in our attempt to be nicer (more liberal) we have lost our standards, its the same argument with multiculturalism i.e. which set of rules to we go by if we empower all.
Andromeda 17-Jun-2008 16:29
Evansthespy seems to think that the rot starts at school. Schools seem to think it starts at home.

My opinion is that the culture that is not prepared to condemn single parenthood is the most culpable.

In short, we are all to blame!


"Family breakdown is a "cancer" behind almost every evil affecting the country.

Mr Justice Coleridge blames youth crime, child abuse, drug addiction and binge-drinking on the "meltdown" of relations between parents and children.

He warns that the collapse of the family unit is a threat to the nation as bad as terrorism, crime, drugs or global warming.

The speech to family lawyers contains a fierce attack on the "neglect" of successive governments.

The 58-year-old judge, who is married with three grown-up children, will say family breakdown is an epidemic affecting all levels of society from the Royal Family down.

It is "on a scale, depth and breadth which few of us could have imagined even "a decade ago. It is a never-ending carnival of human misery. A ceaseless river of human distress.

"I am not saying every broken family produces dysfunctional children but I am saying that almost every dysfunctional child is the product of a broken family."
evansthespy 17-Jun-2008 14:25
I d say the rot starts at school - some schools have been out of control for some time. I saw a recent report about 'failing'schools, and another about large numbers of teachers being assaulted.

There must be a way of instilling order and discipline in schools surely...?
dignitas 29-May-2008 10:8
more focus and attention needs to be given to youth criminal behaviour prior to the point of carceration in an adult institution. if the Short Sharp Shock approach was applied to our youth from the onset rather than the current wrapping up in cotton wool that we seem to favour today than we would probably not have the amount of dult offenders that we currently do.

In short: main focus of harsher and cheaper punishment should be aimed at the youth with criminal intent.
estivboy 22-Dec-2007 18:29
What is meant by harsher and cheaper? Is this a proxy conversation on the death penalty? The prison system is failing society because it seems to only offer incarceration on its simple merits alone. I want prisons to punish and to do so harshly so that life means life for the harshest crimes. Maybe I could even support such measures as chemical castration for serious repeat sexual offenders if we aren't going to lock those people up for good. But, what I really want is a system that rehabilitates people. Prisons are full of people with mental illness, low educational achievements and no qualifications. Let’s deal with that with a wider range of measures. There are examples of progressive systems that have very low re-offending rates because they deal with the issue of what makes some people offend in the first place. Society is very unequal and imperfect and where it benefits some it fails others miserably. Is this liberal waffle? Well maybe but, I think criminal behaviour is a combination of nature and nurture. Locking up more and more of society without rehabilitation fails not only those inside but us outside when they re-offend. You can punish people as severely as you like but if they aren’t equipped to deal with the outside world in an engaging and meaningful way then re-offending is highly likely.
redandwhitestripes 29-Nov-2007 10:30
We can all be as liberal and quixotic as we like, but statistics always show there is no greater deterrent for crime than harsh punishments.
CarlWilliams 2-Nov-2007 20:15
Yes it would. It would mean that the criminals inside prison would not be committing crimes outside it. This is the essential point that Liberals always fail to grasp.
pearmtn 31-Oct-2007 19:13
It would accomplish nothing unless the public is only looking for revenge rather then rehabilitation
CarlWilliams 10-Oct-2007 11:32
Prison itself could be made far far cheaper if it became a punishment instead of a drug-fulled holiday camp.
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