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EUROPEAN UNION - immigration

immigration - the EU
Vote: Should the UK leave the EU and thereby regain control over its immigration policy?

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Jigaboo123456 9-May-2010 22:5
Mass immigration was inflicted upon us by an unholy alliance of Left,Right and Centre, all of whom saw short-term gains for themselves and cared nota jot for the native population. The right saw cheap workers and more consumers, the Left ( particulary secular Zionists of The Frankfort School) saw a way to destroy British nationalism by demanding "fair" and " equal"( in reality more than fair and more than equal) rights for ethnic minorities and other cultures, which would in turn be "picked off" once the dominant culture had been weakened. Immigration has been a disaster, particularly the mass immigration of the Negro and Pakistani.
Indians and Chinese have been more willing to assimilate, but even so, their presence bloats the labour force in time of recession.
Greengorilla 8-Jan-2010 16:41
Absolutely not!
Geffo777 5-Jan-2010 15:59
most certainly.
reunion 8-Nov-2009 15:53
Tell me why did we join, oh yes it was a trade agreement, nothing more.
JackOfBlades 14-May-2009 10:53
Rebuttal to Recyclotron:

1. No, it does not. I would recommend in particular Anthony Browne's "Do we need mass immigration?" or the recent House of Lords report on the subject. (economic benefits are "close to zero") There's a little article on it here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1583500/Limit-immigration-warns-House-of-Lords.html

2. Agreed.

3. Wrong or an outright lie. The government does not have anything like total control over our immigration policies. We no longer of course have any say as to whether or not roughly 450,000,000 'EU citizens' can settle here, regardless of known criminal convictions, intention to work, skill set etc. etc.

One particularly galling example of our loss of control was the decision of Romanians to hand out a million passports to Moldovans--allowing them automatic right of settlement here.
Recyclotron 28-Mar-2008 20:15
There are three issues here.

1. Is immigration good? The evidence strongly favours immigration.

2. Should immigration be controlled - clearly yes - we should keep out dangerous people and those who would not contribute to our society, but welcome those who are honest, keen to work, or in need of protection.

3. Should control of immigration rest with our government or the EU. At present it is with our government, should we become a Schengen country it makes sense to be part of an EU wide immigration policy.
evansthespy 19-Mar-2008 15:50
just to fan the fire a bit - it looks like immigrants will be taking the jobs we want as well as those jobs we don t want !!

Monday March 17,2008
By Macer Hall, Political Editor

WHITE men could be blocked from jobs under a Government equality drive spearheaded by Harriet Harman.

The Labour Deputy Leader and Equalities Minister is planning laws to promote women and ethnic minorities in the workplace.

Firms would be allowed to favour candidates for jobs or promotion on the grounds of race or gender.

Officials insist the move is “positive action” rather than discrimination and remain opposed to job quotas for women or ethnic minorities.

Tory MP Mark Pritchard said: “This is yet more political correctness from Harriet Harman, pandering to the rampant feminism still lurking in Labour. It is a counter-productive and patronising idea that can only breed resentment.”

A source close to Ms Harman said the move was designed to bring Britain’s employment law closer in line with EU practices.

The aim was to “address under-representation” in cases where candidates were “equally qualified”.

The source added: “This is not about positive discrimination, we don’t think that is the right way to do it.”

The move is likely to be outlined in a Government policy document to be published within the next two months.

Ministers hope to introduce a new Equalities Bill into Parliament this year.

The measure would apply only in cases where two or more equally-qualified candidates were after the same post.

It seems skin colour is an issue after all...

evansthespy 27-Jan-2008 12:27

''…Damian Green, Conservative immigration spokesman, said ministers had misled the public: “This is clear evidence that all over the country public services have found it impossible to cope with the unplanned and rapid rise in population over the past few years.
“This is another largely rural police force which is having to spend money on translation services and cope with extra pressures caused by fast rates of immigration. Without properly controlled immigration this problem will only get worse.”
Keith Vaz, Labour chairman of the home affairs committee, said: “Mike Fuller raises very important issues concerned with the changing needs of local areas as a result of migration. It is important that in looking at funding formulas the government understands that there are pressures that need to be addressed. We will be looking at this issues when we launch our forthcoming inquiry into policing.”
A Home Office spokesman said: “We will consider any evidence provided by the police''...we need to enforce strict even draconian measures now !
Anselm 22-Dec-2007 19:11
No external body should ever control our immigration - there is no space for them in the UK and the UK Parliament should be able to control its own borders. Leaving the power-hungry EU seems the only way to sort this out.
rl71 26-Nov-2007 13:34
This is a no-brainer for any British person.
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