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Chamber of Debate

DEMOCRACY - English Parliament

English Parliament
Vote: The Scots have their Parliament, the Welsh their Assembly. Should the English have their own Parliament?

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OMOV (One Member One Vote)
Yes 84% No 16%
Yes No    
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Yes 50% No 50%
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Members Comments

1in10 19-Jul-2009 19:37
This question assumes the acceptance of the destruction of the British Union and it assumes the necessity of a Parliament.
cgjudd 8-May-2009 12:15
Our family will break up. Yes of course we need an English Parliament and the quicker we get on the pathway the stronger will our position be. I have obvious worries over defence but this is another issue.
politeexcuse 24-Jan-2009 22:32
Yes,the Union no longer works.
avtar 5-Dec-2008 13:40
Better to devolve those powers to the counties/unitary authorities and do away with a whole layer of govt.
lfbuk 20-Nov-2007 18:17
I second william gruffs comment, this should also see us out of the EU, as the UK joined NOT ENGLAND!!
WilliamGruff 20-Nov-2007 16:32
The English Parliament must have at least the same powers as the Scotch affair, and not be simply a toothless talking shop, unable to challenge the Br*tish status quo.

Talk of 'destroying the 'United Kingdom' is pointless: The 'union' was destroyed by the devolution referenda of 1997. It remains only to finish it off and lay the corpse to rest.
CarlWilliams 10-Oct-2007 11:35
I voted yes, but only on the proviso that is a genuinely sovereign Parliament rather than just another Regional Assembly under EU patronage, which is what Scotland and Wales have effectively become.
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