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DISCRIMINATION LEGISLATION - Disability Discrimination Act 2005

Must employers pretend to seriously consider a job applicant who is disabled and whom they have no intention of hiring, for the sake of paying lip service to totalitarian political correctness? Must a small business at significant expense to itself create facilities for the disabled to conform with this totalitarian edict? Why?
Vote: Should the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 be repealed?

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Herb 12-Nov-2007 21:43
This obsession with 'discrimination' of one sort or another gets worse as time passes.

I know we haven't yet got to the point where we will be issued with quotas of the sorts of business we must patronise when we go shopping, but if the politically correct have their way, they will no doubt try to enforce it. Then if you buy books, you will have to make at least 10% of you purchases at Gay and Lesbian bookshops. Or buy at least 25% of your food from Third World Fair Trade shops. Or if you are religious you will be required to pray at least some of the time (to be increased each year as the proportion of Muslims in the population grows) in a Mosque.

Or, worst of all, if you watch TV or listen to the radio, you will have to spend at least 90% of your viewing and listening time tuned in to the BBC.

And the frightening thing is that technology is getting to the point where enforcement of these requirements will be technically possible......

George Orwell's imagination may not have been so far off the mark, eh?
pearmtn 31-Oct-2007 19:19
However, some consideration should be given to the expense a small businessperson has to expend to conform and the burden this may place on him/her
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