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FREE SPEECH - repatriation (voluntary and compulsory)

race relations - the far right - freedom of expression
Vote: Should parties like the BNP and NF be allowed to propose the repatriation of non-white British citizens?

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Herb 27-Jan-2009 23:29
Apropos my response to dignitas, there is a video about Islam called "What The West Needs To Know" which is very much worth watching -
Herb 27-Jan-2009 23:21
dignitas (17-Jul-2008 15:2) asserts that we are all missing the point, that Islam is not the threat but that fundamentalism is and that fundamentalism is OUR fault because of our foreign policies over the past 40 years.

That is one of the most naive, shallow, silly and utterly inaccurate comments that I have ever read.

Islam has been patiently expanding its rule not for a mere 40 years, but for more than 1,400 years. For 14 centuries, whenever there has been an opportunity, Islam has used whatever means, beginning in earlier days with the sword, to impose Islam on people. Now that the sword is out of date, it uses whatever modern technology it can get its hands on to intimidate, and by means of mass murder, terrorize what it calls unbelievers into offering no opposition to it and to force ever more people into "submission" to Islam.

Unless the civilised world stops them, Islamic fundamentalists are soon going to possess both nuclear and biological weapons. When they do get them, they will, in their implacable determination to achieve complete world rule, most certainly use them.
WelshPatriot 28-Jul-2008 20:11
Whilst Britain is a member of the EU, we will never have control over our borders or a say in who comes into the country.
Labour/Cons/LibDem are all pro EU, so whilst any of them are in power, we will always have the problem.

Britain needs to withdraw politically from the EU, and foster trade links with Europe. Kick out all the illegals and criminals, and investigate thoroughly asylum seekers, who should be seeking asylum in the first safe country they arrive at; not bypassing half a dozen or more just to get to soft touch Britain!
dignitas 17-Jul-2008 15:2
you are all missing the point. Islam is not the threat. FUNDAMENTALISM yes, however it is OUR foreign policies over the past 40 years that have created this problem. Policies of exploitaion and interference. poke a wasps nest enough times and expect to be stung.
dignitas 14-Jul-2008 18:53
They have the right to PROPOSE anything they wish as should we all.

Herb 9-Jan-2008 19:33
waterloo - I take your point, but we are using "threat" in different senses.

Having inadequate transportation and inadequate medical services are one thing: but the religiously inspired and incited detonation of bombs in order to murder people who are using public transportation or who are in hospital is quite another.

All I am saying is that dealing effectively with the source of such violence should be the first priority. Indeed, once dealt with, we might find that it had considerably alleviated the other problems.
evansthespy 8-Jan-2008 18:22
I think we have two major threats here to UK society, law and order - Drugs and Islam.
We could limit the damage simply by introducing strict border controls, removing illegals and criminals and making the UK less attractive to Islamics by making the benefits system less generous and ending all this pandering to thir unreasonable religious demands
waterloo 7-Jan-2008 14:7
"Non-Muslims on the other hand pose virtually no threat at all." except to the Health Service, Housing, transport infrastructure, and the dilution of British culture and tradition.
Herb 14-Dec-2007 1:17
Those parties would get more support if they concentrated on prohibition of the practice and preaching of Islam.

The point is that the presence of Islam is a grave danger.

Non-Muslims on the other hand pose virtually no threat at all.
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