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Chamber of Debate

DEVOLUTION - federation - centralisation

new British counties with equality of administration
Vote: Should England, Wales and Scotland be run as "British counties" to bring about equality of administration for all of Britain?

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OMOV (One Member One Vote)
Yes 22% No 78%
Yes No    
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Yes 50% No 50%
Yes No         AAA Awarded members only.

Members Comments

Pericles 19-Oct-2009 21:5
Yes England, Wales, Scotland and N Ireland should be provinces of Britain.
stuartac 20-Apr-2009 18:29
If that's the way to go shouldn't England be broken into smaller parts??

Anyway, we are an island race with an island mentality [or so we are told] so why don't we just stick together like we have for many millennium. But ultimately we have to sort out the corruption in high places and give everyone the right to be heard and represented.
RichardCostello 4-Dec-2007 22:45
No not at all!! United we stand!! Divided we fall!!.
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