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Chamber of Debate

WELFARE STATE - or lower taxes and smaller government?

dismantling or pruning the welfare state
Vote: Should the Welfare State be dismantled or radically reduced and taxes lowered?

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Members Comments

politeexcuse 21-Feb-2009 18:15
Sadly we have a society run by bankers who control very rich members of Parliament,they pay little tax.The Welfare state is needed as in the NHS and the very sick and disabled physically and mentally. Everyone else should works if there is suitable work.Instead of Charity,maybe the lazy and corrupt bankers and parliament should help,since they caused all this.
Anselm 19-Mar-2008 19:27
Welfare should be run by a charity - this way people can choose where their money goes and make the decision to support those less fortunate out of their heart rather than out of their pocket and groaning.

I'm not against welfare, I just feel it should not be an enforced thing but a charitable thing.
BarneyBear 5-Mar-2008 17:12
No, its a safety net, for those less fortunate
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