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CRIME - euthanasia

euthanasia - the right to die
Vote: Should euthanasia be an option for those who choose to make a living will?

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Members Comments

WindyWeather 14-Mar-2010 19:20
Yes - palliative care offered to patients who are unconscious from stroke etc is to withdraw medication, feeding and fluids - I think I'd rather be given a quick injection rather than be starved to death. The issue here is: the patient is unconscious/comatose, will the patient recover enough to be given sustenance? We do not want doctors giving euthanasia unless there is strong proof that the patient will not recover. Patients at end stage of cancer etc, yes, put these poor people out of their pain and misery in a kind way.
reunion 8-Nov-2009 15:58
I have MS. I may need to go when life becomes unbearable.
dignitas 28-May-2008 10:54
i agree with YES however more study and discussion is needed on the perameters. i.e can that discision still hold when in a vegetitive state. the will may have been written at a particularly low point in ones life etc. However when one is fully cognizent of their descision such as those living with a terminal illness then YES.
06gforty 8-Jan-2008 17:32
you should be allowed to die after, say 7 months of being comatose, though
06gforty 8-Jan-2008 17:31
suicide is wrong- when you think theres no way out, you must be human and pull through
patridas 2-Jan-2008 7:59
I voted yes because every one has the right to do what ever he/she wants provided they do not interfere into another persons turf.

Having voted yes I also believe that committing suicide is wrong. Euthanasia and suicide are the same in my books.
robbo 30-Dec-2007 12:9
I voted Yes, but with nagging doubts! Having been in a coma after being resussed eighteen months ago,you can hear most conversations the Surgeons are having, even though in a coma!
curdy41 18-Dec-2007 19:44
I voted yes mainly for those like myself who may end our day's as a result of a Blood Born Virus.I truly morally believe this should be the choice of the human.
lfbuk 20-Nov-2007 18:7
Yes It is MY BODY, not the states, should I wish to kill myself, it is no ones business but mine!
Herb 11-Nov-2007 19:44
I voted "yes" on this question, because I certainly believe I should have the right to choose to die. But at the same time I'm uneasy about handing that choice over to somebody else by signing a living will. I'd want the will to be pretty damned clear about the circumstances in which somebody else could make the decision. I'd be quite content, for example, to let somebody else make the decision if it were a case of my being in a coma, and being kept alive only because I was attached to a heart/lung machine.

But so long as I was capable of answering either "yes" or "no" to the question "would you like us to finish you off NOW?", I'd rather make the choice myself.
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