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FAMILY - marriage - children

family - law - marriage as a contract for children
Vote: Should marriage be "sold" as a contract to bring up children together, as so many people seem to have forgotten its true purpose?

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JimBWarrior 18-May-2009 17:50
Sadly its not marriage that grows better Kids - Its Mum Dad and all 4 Grand Parents with integrity
Andromeda 5-Feb-2008 15:31
You are of course using 1P4A as a platform to give the Bahai world view and of course you are allowed to do so. However, the question must also be answered in an intelligible way while you are doing so, and I hope you will make an attempt to answer the question.

While I understand why the Bahais would wish to avoid giving offence and prefer global politics because world peace, world hunger, world trade etc are "motherhood" and "apple pie" issues, nothing will actually change until and unless national governments operate benign and rational policies.

In short, there can be no good world government if we do not have good government in the country we live in.

At some point, you will have to nail your colours to a mast and defend it on grounds of reason and logic so that you will have the attention of the people who find what you say interesting and appealing.

Jews, Christians and Muslims are not afraid to be political. They are a troublesome lot, of course, but we cannot expect people to really listen to us if we do not really say anything!
Pete1844 5-Feb-2008 0:9
Although the bringing up of children is I feel the primary purpose of marriage, its ramifications as a fortress for well-being and salvation for the man and his wife go far beyond the raising of the next generation.
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