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foxhunting ban
Vote: Should the ban on fox-hunting be lifted?

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JackOfBlades 13-May-2009 17:52
Fox-hunting isn't banned. Hunting with hounds is banned. A couple of posh Tory types have informed me that the state still has absolutely no problem with people hunting with raptors. (birds of prey)

Where's the logic in that? Being killed by an eagle is fine, but not dogs? Clearly it was false-flag legislation designed merely to consolidate New Labour's crusty left-wing vote. A vote it has ended up losing anyway by gallavanting off on illegal wars and such.
Recyclotron 25-Mar-2008 17:55
Hunting itself should not be illegal, but the animal cruelty it entails should have been prosecuted by the police. If young "asbos" had driven around town searching for cats on which to unleash their rottweilers, then the police would have stamped on it immediately. But estate agents, in smart red jackets, riding expensive horses can get away with setting hounds on foxes. What's the difference?
06gforty 12-Mar-2008 16:25
no,no,no,no,no estivboy you are completely mistaken.

I agree that mankind has thought tfor a long time that it is better than everything else. But foxhunting is completly different. The original point of the practice was to keep chickens LIKE IN YOUR FARM- out of harm's way of the foxes. Have you ever been hunting? Sometimes only one fox is killed every fortnight in bad cases- far fewer than are killed by motorists.
estivboy 18-Jan-2008 19:2
I'm against fox hunting and I'm a farm owning egletarian lefty liberal who doesn't recognise the concept of class. I don't hate people who dress up in red either. I'm against the inhuman treatment of any animal in the name of entertainment, sport or food. We are animals, i don't believe in souls and when i eat meat, the meat i have raised and cared for, i do so with a clear conscience. One of mankinds greatest mistakes is to raise themselves onto a higher plane than the animals simply because we have developed a Godhead. Now many are gone.

Anselm. What about polluting overpriced British coal and overfishing the seas, gone or banned for good reason. People will just find a new way to earn money, such is life.
ramblinjon 11-Jan-2008 19:26
Foxes can be controlled in many other ways that dont cause so much fear and suffering, the people that hunt with hounds do so for pleasure, pleasure should never be a reason to cause an animal to suffer needlessly.
06gforty 9-Jan-2008 17:20
what horrible urban fools thought of this idea- they should be hunted as well as the fox! soon we will be put in prison for not sleeping 10 hours a night!
Anselm 22-Dec-2007 19:34
This affects peoples' livelihoods, and pretty much adds to what you can't do.

What can you do in this New Labour regime?
timgbull 20-Dec-2007 12:10
This legislation was entirely driven from Islington drawing rooms - chattering lefty-liberal morons with zero understanding of the countryside.
Herb 2-Dec-2007 19:50
Hitler felt that dropping lobsters in boiling water was cruel and he felt so much pity for the poor creatures that he tried to prevent the practice.

The sensitive city-dwelling chattering class who feel pity for the poor foxes are very much like Hitler - they can't bear the idea of hounds killing a fox, but they have a virulent hatred of a particular class of people - in this case, people who dress up in red and ride horses and carry riding crops.

Of course the ban should be lifted.
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