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Chamber of Debate

LEGISLATION - Health and Safety

health and safety tyranny - red tape - excessive regulation - corruption and bribery - cost to small businesses - nannying and infantilisation of the citizen
Vote: Should health and safety legislation and regulation be radically cut back?

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estivboy 28-May-2010 2:28
With out a doubt. How exactly does the H&S system expect to remove the possibility of accidents.

It's all driven by the insurance industry and their natural aversion to risk, that and punitive damages claims.

How do you solve that? Well here in New Zealand i can not sue an individual for punitive damages and guess how much cheaper my insurance premiums are. About a quarter of yours.

Educating the H&S workers would be also a good start. H&S workers who don't seem to understand even basic concepts such as an a priori argument. They think that all situations can lead to an accident.

With thinking that poor it's only going to get worse.
Anselm 22-Dec-2007 20:55
We need more freedom.

Bureaucracy is a waste of time and stops people doing the jobs they should be doing.

The nanny state stops parental responsibility.

Health and safety gets in the way of life, being overzealous and utterly stupid. Generally the regulations are not needed.
timgbull 20-Nov-2007 19:7
Freedom to live my life
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