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EUROPEAN UNION - national sovereignty

Is national sovereignty, ie being allowed to do things our way, for better or worse, better than becoming another region in the Eurozone? Should the European Communities Act 1972 be repealed?
Vote: Should the UK withdraw from the EU?

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Members Comments

underyourfeet 28-Mar-2010 12:10
I'm not opposed to the EU as a trading partnership but I want my laws and decisions made in my parliament.
reunion 8-Nov-2009 16:2
The EU has become a monster
wjrobinson 29-Jun-2009 10:57
The EU Commission introduces all new legislation, which elected MEPs cannot do. This is the same anti-democratic method as was used by the USSR with its Politburo.
BarneyBear 5-Mar-2008 17:7
No definitely not. Europe has been a more peaceful continent since the EU came in to being. The Dutch & French voted against the EU Constitution, as a protest against its present bureaucracy, which is not transparent and democraic enough. But those 2 countries are definitely Pro-EU, the EU is still in a state of evolvement to be more democratic. The EU in its Constitution respects minority groups and National identities. "Ex Unitate Vires"
Anselm 22-Dec-2007 19:15
The government have signed away national sovereignity, which is unlawful and is treason.

The EU is a power-hungry organisation that was originally a good idea but has gone too far.
lfbuk 20-Nov-2007 18:8
The two faced lying bastards in office and the other parties have allowed this to happen, they should all be charged with treason and hung!
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