23:18  |  10 December 11
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Are you tired of hearing about the "human rights" of delinquent children and criminals being prized over common sense and justice?
Vote: Should Britain opt-out of the European Convention of Human Rights?

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Anselm 22-Dec-2007 19:49
"Human rights" are needed but the laws/conventions are seriously flawed. Criminals use them for the wrong reasons and it's only a matter of time before some criminal claims that being sent to prison is against some "human right".

Criminals do not have the same human rights as normal people and the government should be more concerned about the rights of victims.

Gypsies are also not allowed to be moved because of "human rights", whereas most people are not allowed to put a fully licensed caravan on their OWN land for longer than 28 days without the planning permission people coming in. Even then, they don't leave litter everywhere.

The UK should have its own human rights policies, with the fact that criminals do not have certain rights set out. We should leave the EU which forces this upon us also.
Herb 12-Nov-2007 0:7
"Human Rights" sounded like a good idea originally - it was really a slightly more developed notion of Civil Liberties.

Unfortunately the concept of "Human Rights" has been expanded and even perverted to the point that "Human Rights" enforcement has become a very dangerous form of subversion and repression, that defies common sense and that destroys both Civil Liberties. Freedom of Speech and of Thought have already been largely taken away and this is causing great harm to the fabric of civilised society. Britain is becoming more and more like a totalitarian state, where what people are allowed to say, do and even think is very strictly regulated.

It seems to have been forgotten that Democracy is a rather fragile institution with no built-in mechanism for ensuring its survival. It is particularly vulnerable to forces such as Islam that are implacably opposed to Democracy and that are dedicated to undermining, and ultimately overthrowing, it. Yet forces of that sort, Islam especially, are being actually encouraged, all in the name of "Human Rights", to establish themselves in Britain. They have even been allowed to establish what amount to virtually exclusively Muslim areas. Only a few decades ago everybody would have immediately recognised that these were a form of Apartheid.

Now, anybody who dares to say anything about the grave menace that is being created by the presence in Britain of these communities, and their substantial components of unassimilable, hostile and determined Muslims, is not just labelled as a "racist" or "Nazi" but is derided, abused, and even prosecuted in an attempt to silence him.

The really frightening thing about this situation is that both the Labour and Conservative parties show themselves to be not just completely oblivious of where this is all leading, but to be so imbued with political correctness that they are determined to prevent even their own members from mentioning it - as David Cameron demonstrated when he got rid of Nigel Hastelow.

Mindless, knee-jerk enforcement of so-called "Human Rights", supported by both Labour and the Conservative leadership , is destroying a great many things that previously made Britain a free and decent society. Britain is in serious danger of descending into a condition where it will be a society as dangerously unstable as that of Pakistan.
CarlWilliams 10-Oct-2007 11:37
Its a lovely idea, except that there is no possibility of being able to do so whilst we remain in the EU. This is the bogus 'take back some powers from Brussels but stay in the EU' option that opinion polls and the Tories still offer in the full knowledge that it will never actually happen.
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