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DISCRIMINATION LEGISLATION - Sex Discrimination Act 1975

Should discrimination on grounds of sex be allowed? Is freedom of contract and association more important than Politically Correct ideals of non-discrimination?

More importantly, should feminism be questioned? And is not the repealing of the Sex Discrimination Act the means by which feminism can be challenged?

Married men face the risk of being divorced by their wives, having their property confiscated and being deprived of their children for merely expressing views that insult, denigrate or ridicule feminists.

Unmarried men cannot imagine that such a thing could happen to them, although increasingly many do and this takes the form of refusing to marry.

Can such inter-gender hatred be good for society?
Vote: Should the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 be repealed?

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Members Comments

Anselm 22-Dec-2007 19:43
The politically correct ideas of non-discrimination are, in fact, discrimination. "Positive discrimination" is an oxymoron; discrimination with the word "positive" incorrectly placed before it. It discriminates against men and whites.

While we have positive discrimination and quotas, we still look at the gender/race/sexual orientation of a person, and this is worse than choosing on merit.
Herb 2-Dec-2007 19:13
What's wrong with Sex Discrimination? We should be far more worried about how Political Correctness has become accustomed to being obeyed.

Where is the law about Sex Discrimination going to say next? Political Correctness relishes compelling people to meet quotas - so how about this - why not have quotas for marriage? -

"Dear Sir or Madam,

Your application to marry (insert name of proposed husband or wife) cannot be approved because the heterosexual marriage quota for your age group has been filled.

You are hereby informed that you are now eligible only to marry a person of the same gender as yourself. After you have selected a person in compliance with this requirement, please submit a further application.

If none of the above applies because you are a transgendered person or you have some other valid reason, please complete and return the attached form.

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,
Local Director,
Gender Equality Commission."
All comments are subject to approval.

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