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Iran - nuclear capacity
Vote: Should we be surprised at Iran's determination to develop its own nuclear capacity after the invasion of Iraq?

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JackOfBlades 13-May-2009 17:36
Should we be surprised? No. Should we allow it to happen? Of course not. Yes, there are arguments for independent, sovereign nations being able to develop whatever technology they want (normally the sort of argument I'm all in favour of) but we live in the real world and in the real world it is absolutely not in our national interest to allow potentially hostile nations to come into possession of nuclear technology.
AndrewSlade 5-May-2009 15:51
The first country to start development of civil nuclear power was Italy, in the 1930s, in the Institue of Physics in Via Panisperna in Rome under Enrico Fermi.
Unfortunately, the then Prime Minister Benito Mussolini (who left school at 15 & had no technical knowledge) withdrew finance & Fermi left for Chicago. As a result of this, Italy had no nuclear deterrent with which to prevent British & American terrorists from bombing the country from end to end, killing 100,000 civilians, destroying many priceless art treasures & then invading & conquering the whole peninsula, overthrowing the democratically elected government with a military coup (25th July 1943) & imposing pro-American governments from that day to this.

So it is hardly surprising that the Iranians fear something similar will be done to their ancient civilisation, unless they can produce an effective deterrent quickly.
dignitas 17-Jul-2008 9:45
Iran's goal of nuclear weapon capability isn't so much a defence as it is a show of strength and, to some degree, intent.
As much as Mahmoud may sound like a psychopath bent on world destruction, he is actually quite a shrewd man.

Iran's main goal it seems is to not allow America's sphere of influence to include the Middle East, specifically Iraq. With an American leaning government etc. Iran plans on being a very major player in the region, and using Iraq for that. Iran, I am sure, feel that a nuclear program would legitimise their stance as a major player in the region and not just a backward fringe nation that can ignored. It is purely chest puffing, which is understandable.
thegills 2-Jul-2008 21:54
Actually Iran are acting legally in their pursuit of nuclear energy,and thats according to the IAEA.
estivboy 22-Dec-2007 19:48
No, they're not stupid. They've figured out that the promise of mutually assured destruction, the reason we were supposedly kept safe through out the cold war, is the only way to protect yourself against bullies. Do they want it for power generation? Well maybe i'll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one but i also think it's a little rich of us to say "We've got them but tough luck for you"
rl71 26-Nov-2007 13:33
Iran is under existential threat and hence they deserve a right to defend themselves. Nonetheless, there is no evidence to show that they have an active weapons program.
grace 31-Oct-2007 16:8
after the Iraq m.o.d. fiasco. 100% proof is the requirement, before we get excited
CarlWilliams 10-Oct-2007 11:18
A disingenuous question which laughably suggests that Iran is developing these weapons for some kind of defensive purpose when it is painfully obvious that the only possible purpose for these weapons in the case of a country run by a literal apocalypse cult is exactly the opposite.
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