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Vote: Should all further immigration cease?

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GeorgeEdwards 29-Mar-2011 16:5
Whilst i have serious issues with immigration and the open door policy of European intervention i believe that we need stricter control. The fact that there is so many on the welfare state is proof enough that we have too many people here of other nationalities. If someone is of benefit to the country then why not. Someone who will respect the traditions of our nation and work to provide for our national infra structure then yes why not. But if there is not the jobs for certain individuals to do so they just become part of the benefit system ...Then no they should not be here. If you have immigrants coming here to try to shove their ideas and way of life down our throats then no. get them out. freedom of speech is ok but when you begin to upset the majority then spell these people. The excuse of filling the jobs because people are lazy and would rather live in the pub. Does not wash with me. Cheap labour is that cheap labour. But immigration is out of control and needs to be controlled
socratese 28-Nov-2009 8:33
I am against mass immigration but if immigration is balanced with emigration then I am in favour. Its not a yes or no issue but a matter of balance. All the parliamentary parties have favoured mass immigration because they all either public or private capitalists. If your are a senior educationalist or a senior civil servant increasing population increases your and your colleagues promotion and or preferment. Mass immigration also undercuts wages and conditions and provides private capitalists with more profit. Mass immigration boils down to a lack of genuine democracy. Normal people are against it. Parliament and senior civil servants have always been for it.
evansthespy 17-Apr-2008 10:6
sandals, Pearmtn et al have have opinions with no actual facts to justify them.

The pattern seems to be pretty well identified now; high immigration = high crime and high cost to the economy - have a look at this!

A Preliminary Analysis of the Ministry of Justice Document:
‘Statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice System - 2006’
Tony Shell
Summary of Findings
A preliminary analysis of official crime data shows:

? Violence against the person is 5 times more prevalent in the black community, than in the white community.

? Drugs offences are 16 times more prevalent in the black community, and 3 times more prevalent in the Asian
community, than in the white community.

? Robbery is over 9 times more prevalent in the black community, than in the white community.

? Committing homicide is 6 times more prevalent in the black community, and twice as prevalent in the Asian community, than it is in the white community.

? The homicidal killing of white people is 90 times more prevalent in the black community, than the homicidal killing of
black people in the white community.

? The homicidal killing of white people is 30 times more prevalent in the Asian community, than the homicidal killing of
Asian people in the white community.

? The number of white victims of interracial homicide is approximately 40 times greater than expected, when
compared to the number of such victims in the minority (BME) community.

? The white community suffers more victims of interracial and racially motivated homicide than all of the minority (BME) communities put together – despite the BME communities
being less than 10 per cent of the total population.

? The number of white victims of racially motivated homicide is approximately 50 times greater than expected....

Perhaps the most significant result from this analysis is, except for the crime of burglary, the disproportional number of offences committed by the minority (BME) community, when compared to the White community. This difference is especially apparent for crimes of robbery and drugs offences.

This analysis indicates that, on a proportionate basis, members of the white community are much more likely to be victims of racist homicide than members of the ethnic minority communities.

The disproportionate number of white victims (of interracial homicide) compared to that of the BME
Community, is very evident from the above analysis. It is also very apparent that the trend is of a rapidly worsening situation.

Need I go on or does everyone else in the country have their heads buried in the sand?
evansthespy 7-Apr-2008 16:34
Cristol et al - 'vast majority' eh?
I only wish that were true.
That s one of the great myths - they come here to do the jobs we don t want to do - if that were true why are there still so many vacancies?


The devastating cross-party report went on to:
•Dismiss Ministers' "preposterous" assertion that migrants boost the economy by £6billion a year;
•Reject Government claims that foreigners will help to defuse the pensions timebomb;
•Demolish the "fundamentally flawed" Downing Street argument that migrants fill vacancies in the economy;
•And warn that migrants will force up house prices by 10 per cent in the next two decades.

The truth is vast numbers enter this country legally and illegally in search of benefits, health care, housing, schooling etc, and know that they will not be removed. Labour has been caught out at last peddling this myth that all migrants come here for the benefit of the UK - when is is all too painfully obvious that they come here to benefit themselves.

Vote BNP! [COMMENT BY THE PARTY HOSTESS: 1P4A is ambivalent about this exhortation. While it has no objection to BNP supporters joining, it finds itself in difficulty over allowing such comments because (a) its purpose is to promote Direct Democracy and eventually abolish the party system (b) it fears such comments will put others off, but then why should they be? The whole idea of 1P4A is to provide a platform for ANYONE who cares enough to express a political view short of a criminal act without necessarily endorsing it. On balance it has been decided to leave it in.]
stuartmulligan 5-Apr-2008 16:57
Herb is absolutely correct!
cristol18 20-Dec-2007 17:26
The more the merrier! The fact is that the vast majority of people who come to this country want and do work hard and well, overall helping the economy. People only fear immigrants because they are different.
KScott 11-Nov-2007 13:54
A temporary halt is necessary; until such times as the government actually know how many immigrants the country can sustain. I would suggest the above comments are shocking evidence of acquiescence to the dumbed down culture and ineffective administration in education et al, of recent governments. Not just NuLabour - despite it being the greatest political disappointment of my adult life.
Herb 9-Nov-2007 21:38
This is a very difficult choice because at least two very different factors are involved.

One is the question of the total amount of immigration.

The other factor is the question of whether there should be a distinction between different categories of immigrant.

The total amount of immigration has clearly been too large. Even more serious though is whether a particular category is a fertile field for extremists to plan and carry out reliously motivated terrorism. There is no doubt either that the most fertile ground in that respect is the Muslim community.

The strange thing is that Multiculturalism - which Political Correctness has always touted as the answer to Apartheid - has in fact encouraged and assisted Muslims to form their own exclusive communities that have no interest whatsoever in integrating with the rest of the population. This phenomenon is the very essence of Apartheid.

So, the best answer to this question is - drastically slow down all immigration immediately, but even more important, completely stop all Muslim immigration immediately.
SandalsMan 4-Nov-2007 18:32
There is little doubt that this country has been made richer and more diverse by virtue of immigrants from the Commonwealth countries over the years.
pearmtn 31-Oct-2007 19:29
If it wasn't for recent immegration, this countries employers would still be struggling with an amazing amount of lazy and uneducated workers who would rather live in the pub then work.
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