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NF - banning of

National Front, banning of
Vote: Should the National Front be banned?

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AndrewSlade 6-Dec-2008 14:9
Keir Hardie’s party, ie the Labour Party, has always represented the revenge and envy of the Celtic fringe and other minorities against the English majority wealth creators. My Italian academic historian colleagues used to set a first year essay to undergraduates: “Why was Great Britain the only European nation which did not express a large Fascist/National Socialist movement between the wars of 1919-1939?”

I used to tell my students to subvert this question:

"Britain has been the ONLY European country (other than Sweden) where national socialism has unfortunately been successful in Europe – the Labour Party."

On the other hand, the NF has always necessarily been a peaceful, non-violent, non-governmental organization of concerned working class citizens exercising their right to demonstrate on an issue of national importance: immigration. This passive resistance to the invasion forces (with which the mainstream parties invariably collaborated) was sometimes surprisingly successful. In Liverpool for example, the invaders were contained in Toxteth, while in Leeds they were penned up (so far at least) in their Bridgeheads of Beeston, south of the River Aire and Chapeltown to the north. Similar containments seem to have taken place in Bradford, Birmingham and the Lancashire ex-mill towns. Even in South East London, the NF marches in Deptford appear to have contained the invaders below the Thames Escarpment, leaving most of the hill country (apart from Catford) to the indigenous people. Whereas those parts of London abandoned by the nationalists seem to have been entirely overrun.

Moreover, the NF was consistently opposed from the start to alienating Britons’ birthright to the EU. Indeed, the mainstream parties have not only sold out but have actually been using taxpayers’ money to pay Danegeld to the Occupiers.

The NF is actually more in line with public opinion than the Westminster Villagers. No wonder the NF are feared and on occasion even jailed. No wonder they feel aggrieved at this unfair treatment.

“He who controls the past, controls the present, and he who controls the present controls the future.” Lenin

“God cannot change history; only historians can.” A J P Taylor

That’s why history departments have long since been nationalized and sovietised. Historians cannot be let loose to tell unpalatable truths.
dignitas 28-May-2008 10:38
again it boils down to freedom of expression and can be a good indicator of public opinion concerning current political strategy observing the rise or fall in current public popularity.
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