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LEGISLATION - liberty - smoking in public places

Why is the government hypocritically victimising smokers who die earlier and are less of a burden on the NHS and pay significant sums of tobacco duty? Because it can? Because it is now the fashion to do so? Because Nanny thinks it is bad for us? Should we obey Nanny? Should yet another bossy directive be funded through the council tax that infringes the liberty of taxpayers and is clearly another job-creation scheme for petty officials who will be photographing us smoking and giving us on-the-spot fines? At what point does the term "law-abiding" become "passive submission to unnecessary and unjust laws"? Does the infantilised citizen deserve Liberty if he is not prepared to defend it?
Vote: Should smokers be banned from smoking in public places?

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Members Comments

BarneyBear 22-Jul-2008 19:25
Definitely not. The should be Freedom of Choice to decide, by business owners, publicans, etc. Stop the hate campaign against and demonisation of smokers! The supposed dangers of SHS is a massive fraud!
timgbull 20-Dec-2007 12:18
As with so many other issues (and particularly with the majority of the legislation passed by this authoritarian government) the health of the nation and citizens is of secondary importance to the desire to control.
KarenBoyd 4-Dec-2007 11:24
There should be a choice and ventilation should be explored.
Tigga 12-Nov-2007 19:18
So it's ok for non smokers to breathe in car fumes and fumes from factories etc but can't abide sitting in a smokey pub? Grow up you damn health nazis! This smoking banned is a TRUE infringment of human rights!
pearmtn 31-Oct-2007 19:31
Smokers, you are killing yourselves as well as non-smokers; murder is against the law.
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