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GAY AND LESBIAN - Liberty - Freedom of Contract - Sexual Orientation Regulations

One area where faith groups feel they've been forced to submit to a secularist agenda is in equal rights for homosexuals. The sexual orientation regulations bill - due to become law in April - covers the provisions of goods and services to gays and lesbians. If anyone discriminates against others on the grounds of their sexuality they could face hefty fines or lawsuits. But the law's being held up following fierce opposition from faith-based organisations who object to homosexual practise and want the government to grant them exemptions. The legislation could have serious implications for businesses, schools, churches and adoption agencies which operate on religious principles.
Vote: Should the Sexual Orientation Regulations have been brought into force?

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Members Comments

WelshPatriot 22-Nov-2009 14:16
The natural order of human existence is that a man meets, falls in love with, marries a woman and they have a family together. That is why the human race has survived this long.

Anything other than this is un-natural.
That said, there are exceptions to everything. Homosexuality is a fact of life and when practised in private and causing no harm to anyone else should be left alone. But it certainly should not be given parity with heterosexual relationships, and flaunted as is now the norm.
ADemocrat 12-May-2009 19:24
Everyone is entitled to live in a country without discrimination - that is what being part of a liberal-democracy is about. There is too much hate and people spend too much time hating. People need to accept that everyone in society is equal and entitled to equality. Religion as always is a barrier to peace and works as a front for hate - people hide behind it as a barrier to accepting change and freedom.
Anselm 22-Dec-2007 20:3
More politically correct legislation.

If religions teach against homosexual practices, they should be able to practise this in society - that is what freedom of religion is. It could even stop churches teaching what they believe about homosexuality, which again breaks human rights.

No one, in a democratic country, should be a prisoner of conscience, and that is what this nonsense legislation creates.
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