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MOTORING - higher parking permit charges for gas-guzzling vehicles

Does it do any good? Will it save the environment? Or is it an illegal attempt at raising revenue by the local council that is contrary to the 1984 Road Traffic Regulation Act (which specifies that parking schemes may only be used for traffic management rather than revenue-raising purposes)?
Vote: Should parking permit charges for gas-guzzling vehicles be drastically raised?

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cornishstu 12-Dec-2008 0:4
If its parked surely its doing no more harm than the greenest of cars. This obsession with large engined cars be they 4x4 or otherwise being evil polluters is a nonsense as it takes no account of how far they are driven if road tax were to be abolished and 10p per litre added then every one would pay their fair share. it's very feasible for someone with a car producing low co2 emissions producing more Co2 than a much larger engine vehicle in a year by merit of the mileage travelled. So why should they pay less road tax they have used the countries highway's more and produced more pollution.
springermad 5-Dec-2008 22:23
Perhaps they might remove millions of speed humps which force all motorists to drive in 2nd gear using large amounts of fuel whatever the car and cause considerable damage to silencers ,shock absorbers etc. all resulting in high CO2 levels as extra replacement parts are required?
mal79 25-Mar-2008 14:42
In agreement with timgbull, the only fair way to link pollution to use of vehicle is through fuel duty. One must remember that a vehicle that is parked is using no fuel, so increasing parking permit costs can be nothing more than revenue raising.
Anselm 19-Mar-2008 19:22
People should be able to drive the car they want, and "caring for the environment" should be a personal thing, not enforced by laws and taxes.

The amount you pay for parking/congestion charge should not be based on how "eco-friendly" your car is. They are simply not related.
06gforty 12-Mar-2008 16:56
4wd's are pointless in london. However as im not a commie thief, i will agree with johng even if we do contribute a teensy weensy bit to global warming (it is happening) 99.9% of it is completly natural.
It can be proved, wheras Us contributing to it cannot.
Oh, and if you do have a huge car and never go off road (i mean up a steep, 4ft deep boggy mountain, not on a mucky road get rid of it, it's holding us all up!
Kiernos 7-Jan-2008 19:2
SimpleSimon, isn't that bullying people into not being able to drive what they want? At this rate we'll all be forced to drive Toyota Priuses.
timgbull 21-Dec-2007 20:16
There is a direct relationship between tax income and fuel efficiency - road tax is higher and the more fuel you buy the more tax you pay. Why on earth complicate the parking charges - one gas-guzzler still only occupies one parking space. All taxation should be sensible and proportional.
Johng 20-Nov-2007 19:18
I hadn't realized this forum was full of NuLabour zealots. There is no proof of global warming. Phone your local met office, and ask for a senior forecaster and ask for the proof of MMGW - you may be amazed at the response.
redandwhitestripes 19-Nov-2007 11:23
For many years it has been considered a liberal and libertarian axiom that a man or woman can drive any car of their choice. The fact of global warming should give us all the common sense we need to realise that if people choose to be superficial and selfish with their choice of vehicle, then they should pay for it.
SimpleSimon 15-Nov-2007 12:9
There is absolutely no reason for people to drive huge four-wheel-drive vehicles in London. They are simply status symbols, or at least the owners think they are when they are simply expressions of the fact that they have more money than sense in inverse proportions: the larger the vehicle the less the brain! Most of them are bought on credit anyway as few can actually aford them, so a small increase in parking fees or congestion charge will get quite a few of them off the road.
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