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DEMOCRACY - Direct Democracy - an effective campaigning tool for fringe parties?

The Big 3 cartel of policy suppliers seems to be only offering the political consumer more laws, more war and more taxes.

Direct Democracy could be the mechanism by which fringe parties could unite against the Big 3 at the next election.

1Party4All could be The Party for All Fringe Parties, turning them all into a 4th Biggish Party to fight the Big 3 and the means to channel the protest vote into just ONE PROTEST PARTY FOR ALL, with an Amalgamated Manifesto of all participants' policies.

This would give the political consumer one-stop shopping and an unprecedented level of influence and choice in policies - there is after all a gap in the market!

Would YOU vote for it though?
Vote: Should a political party supporting direct democracy operating along the lines of this website be formed?

Our Unique Parallel Polling System

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Members Comments

Pericles 25-Mar-2009 12:44
I think we may need to rephrase it without reference to the abolition of the Houses of Parliament? As it is the petition is for two proposals that don't neccessarily imply each other?
Pericles 23-Mar-2009 13:46
I suggest we petition number 10 to introduce direct cemocracy!
avtar 13-Nov-2008 16:44
see this petition:
avtar 6-Jun-2008 0:46
the downing st petitions website provides a model for how direct democracy could work. just allow the 10 (or more) most popular policies, plus the 2 or most poplular budgets, be put to the electorate once every year in a referendum. this way we could do away with parties altogether and just elect a prime minister directly to administer the laws we ourselves have passed.
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