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Chamber of Debate

EUROPEAN UNION - EU Treaty Referendum

Is it a constitution or is it a treaty? Does it matter?
Vote: Should the government conduct a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty?

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Members Comments

WelshPatriot 18-Apr-2009 12:15
The only hope of us having ANY say in the running of our country is to withdraw from the EU. The only party with the courage to withdraw from the EU, is the BNP.
cornishstu 16-Dec-2008 22:1
I have to agree with springermad's comments it also cost us as tax payers a lot per annum for an institution that has its own undemocratic agenda
springermad 5-Dec-2008 22:28
personally I feel we should have a referendum on whether we should stay in the EU, I feel it is a fraudulent, corrupt organisation that is cerainly not good for the Uk.
remove 3-Jul-2008 23:34
The various EU treaties do not seem to make an appreciable difference to the level of democracy to me. Institutions clash above our heads at lots of different levels, and we try to get by. The EU seems one of the less aggressive institutions, but maybe more corrupt or bureaucratic than some others. But a vote on a Treaty would have no meaning to me, as there will some things I mildly agree with and some I mildly disagree with, and the public debate on it so far seems to be based on arguments which don't move me one way or another, or make assumptions I don't share.
Anselm 22-Dec-2007 20:7
Democracy means a referendum.

The EU is an undemocratic, fast-becoming-dictatorship-superstate and the British people should stop this.

The Labour government is ignorant of the people's pleas - they need to remember that they are there to REPRESENT the PEOPLE.
timgbull 20-Dec-2007 12:8
The chances of a referendum here are minimal, with the great deceiver in No. 10.
We should support the no campaign in the Irish referendum .... hopefully their success would lead prevent implementation of the constitution.
Herb 12-Nov-2007 17:56
As Mikee says, a 'no' vote may not be the best thing for the country.

But doesn't that depend on what 'best thing' means?

And isn't it also possible that from many peoples' point of view, a 'no' vote would be the best thing?

Why should the right to decide what's the best thing be the prerogative of those who oppose a referendum?

I should have thought that any decision involving the nation's fundamental sovereignty should be referred to the people as a whole.
neville 24-Oct-2007 16:18
The EU in its present form is an undemocratic aberration which, if it were a commercial business, would have been forcibly wound up by the courts ten years ago due to its failure to publish annual audited accounts. By the laws which apply within any of its member countries it is operating illegally. It should be immediately abolished and replaced with a common European trading agreement.
Mikee 15-Oct-2007 18:6
There is no real doubt that any referendum on the EU will result in a 'no' vote. That may not be the best thing for the country!
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