4:53  |  19 September 11
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WELFARE STATE - state nannying of pregnant women

The latest manifestation of national marble loss is the astonishing proposal by Health Minister Alan Johnson to give as much as £200 to every pregnant woman to induce her to eat healthily. It seems taxes are to be taken from the married and the working (who will already be aware of the basics of healthy eating) and given to CHAV and never-married, under-achieving, non-working, welfare-claiming teen mums so that their delinquent little bastards (who are now increasingly likely to be shooting and stabbing our children) will have a healthier start in life.

Do we really need Gordon Brown to misuse tax money in this way just because he wants to show us that he cares?
Vote: Should pregnant women be given as much as £200 to eat healthily?

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Members Comments

ramblinjon 11-Jan-2008 20:6
Dont give the women/girls cash, give them vouchers for fruit and veg, simple really.
pearmtn 31-Oct-2007 19:45
Yes provided there is a guarentee that everyone will recieve education about healthy diets and follow the instructions! Why punish the unborn! How about less unwed mothers having babies; now that's a novel idea!
nearenough 30-Oct-2007 13:21
why does the setter of this daft question assume all married people automatically know what healthy food is? is it also the case that only married people pay tax? when did that happen?

how are unborn babies delinquent? the money would go to pregnant women, so i doubt that will mean their children are already born..or they would not be very pregnant anymore.

this money would go to all pregnant women anyway so the whole load of stuff about un-married pregnant women is pointless anyway.

the premise of this silly bit of labour faffing is that healthy eating costs more, which is also nonsense.
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