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World consumerism rests on creating desire and being confused about our needs and wants. Our needs are few, our wants insatiable. In this way do we shop the world to death, leaving carbon footprints and litter on our way to environmental disaster. Environmental disaster will have its own benefits, though, and will cull the numbers of a species that is so plainly getting above itself and laying waste to the world. With world population increasing at its present rate, there are clearly more people around to die in floods, tsunamis, earthquakes etc. Nature will in due course rebalance itself in the only way it knows how. Humanity will survive but in reduced numbers. Those of us who aren't fanatical environmentalists need only bear in mind that profligacy and extravagance is a sin, campaign for a day of rest and make Sunday special again so that we do not drive around madly trying to enjoy ourselves spending money on things we don't really want or need. With the coming Credit Crunch and Depression, we will all be spending less anyway and have more time, having lost our jobs and our homes, to think about the more important things of life ...

Should the government and its opposition be exploiting our fear of environmental disaster and competing with each other to tax us even more, in the name of environmental protection?
Vote: Should government impose Green taxes for the purposes of "protecting the environment"?

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1in10 27-Apr-2010 0:21
The government should do all it can to provide a safe and sustainable environment for its citizens. That might include taxation.

Whilst I don't think the current Labour government has any interest in the environment that does not mean a future non-socialist government will be the same.
Anselm 19-Mar-2008 19:25
Even though I'm not of the age to pay tax yet, I've been told that there is too much of it. "Green taxes" just mean more money for the government to waste.

Environmental issues should be a personal matter, and if someone wants to pay for "greener" items, they can do that. It should not be enforced by a government however, or indoctrinated like it comes close to in schools.

It is not the government's responsibility to protect the environment; they can encourage it, but it's really down to the people and should be left down to us.

There's also no concrete proof that global warming is caused by humans.
SarahD 24-Jan-2008 12:22
Taxation is a very blunt instrument! There are more subtle and, lets face it, more effective methods of encouraging sustainability. A different approach would be to fine those that blatently pollute the environment, and fine them heavily!
barrymx5 15-Oct-2007 12:54
If Government really taxes on green issues simply to stop environmentally damaging activities, does it impose income tax to stop us working and death duties to stop us dying?
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