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It seems that in effect we already have "abortion on demand" even if the law does not formally state that this is the case. Is this principle harmful and positively wicked or justified and in keeping with the principle that a woman should have complete control over her own body?
Vote: Should the principle of 'abortion on demand' be abolished?

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RtHonRighteous 17-Jun-2010 19:46
I fully support the right of a woman to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. A child is not terminated, just cells that may make it to a live birth.
estivboy 12-Oct-2009 4:7
To all the anti-abortion campaigners. What do you propose to do with all the unwanted children? Next you'll be complaining about feral children and the parents who don't look after them. Maybe they were mistakes and the parents were pressured into keeping them by moral crusuaders who wern't going to be the ones picking up the pieces and forced them, under "moral" pressure to keep them. Cause and effect. As for the religous sentiments expressed in relation to sin and christ, correct me if I'm wrong but aren't we born with original sin? So mum sins due to abortion and the new baby is born with a pre-loaded credit of sin. Hmm so we sin all of us just by being born. Is there any way to please god? Or you?
Hermeneuticals 15-Aug-2009 4:11
I echo JimBWarrior The Women control their bodies debate is bunk - Growing Humans inside their bodies does NOT make the Child theirs - Abortion is wrong - And yes I am a CHRISTian and beleive thou shall not kill an innocent life - Sin distances us from God - We are distanced from God and wholesale abortion is one of those sins.
JimBWarrior 18-May-2009 17:40
The Women control their bodies debate is Bullshit - Growing Humans inside their bodies does NOT make the Child theirs - Abortion is wrong - And yes I am a CHRISTian and beleive thou shall not kill - Sin distances us from God - We are distanced from God and wholesale abortion is one of those sins.
AndrewSlade 4-Dec-2008 15:58
Typical Anglo-Saxon, sentimentalist hypocrisy enjoins this Regime's media to howl & weep crocodile tears over the deaths of individual babies like Baby P & the Siamese twin Hope, while ignoring, minimising or even celebrating the genocidal holocaust of 7 million British babies murdered or tortured to death in the Regime's abortion massacre. The National Socialist Health Service and/or its profiteering sub-contractors have slaughtered these innocents before they could even draw their first breath or see their mothers' first smile.

Italy & France have been attacked on the same scale, while the United Soviet States of America has lost 65 million dead in this unprecedented slaughter: more than all the other wars, murderous ideologies, tyrannies & genocides of history put together. Feminism's war on Mankind transcends all the others in its ferocity & duration. Truly, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Michael Winner said recently that Feminism is the worst thing to hit this country since the Black Death. So true!

Each of these murders is, of course, a terrible, irreversible, personal tragedy. But even in purely economic terms the loss is immense: previous massacres cut short the lives of those who had lived at least a part of their lives. But abortion costs the economy 85 years of life expectancy for each of its victims – about 17 million life years lost every year.

So far, about 595 million life/years in all in the UK alone. Ongoing losses, of course. That's about 200 billion days of smiles and sunshine lost so far.

Even if we suppose that a third of those foetuses were unviable and would have miscarried naturally in any case, we are still left with an economic loss of both production & consumption in the order of 133 BILLION days.
06gforty 9-Jan-2008 17:26
im not religious either but abortions are dicraces and the murderous fools that allow it are as bad as those locked away in prisons- you were allowed to live- so why cant unborn kids- you were one once- have the right to life
waterloo 7-Jan-2008 14:0
"No one, and I mean no one has the right to tell a paedophile what he can or cannot do with his body" - Yeah Right. Abortionists are worse than paedophiles, an abused child can regain some sort of life; a dead child can't.
patridas 2-Jan-2008 7:37
Abortion is another form of killing life. Life should never ever be taken away for whatever matter.

On pearmths note " No one, and I mean no one has the right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body." Dear pearmth the woman in question has the right to take away life from the unborn child? If no one has the right to tell her what to do with her body then why all of a sudden SHE has the right to tell her unborn child of what to do with his/hers body? In this case take its life away.
Anselm 22-Dec-2007 20:31
Abortion is not a form of contraception, it is killing an innocent person who has no right to appeal.

Isn't it ironic that we have all been allowed to live? Shouldn't we therefore allow other children to live? The truth is that this unborn child has the right to life (UN Convention) and their life should not be taken.

No person should take another's life. Simple.
estivboy 22-Dec-2007 19:13
This is a tricky subject that doesn't work well with generalisations. When is the foetus a life? At conception, when it could survive if premature, with or without medical help? This aspect will be debated endlessly. What is most important is whether we have the right to tell a sentient individual she does not have dominion over her own body. There are endless reasons why someone would chose abortion and as a male I will never fully understand things from a woman’s point of view but I think I know this, she wouldn't find it an easy decision. Abortion will have its failings, as a form of contraception for instance for some people (as the main form of contraception in Russia in the 90s I recall) but if we expect to be allowed to act as individuals in all other aspects of our lives so in this.
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