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WELFARE STATE - compulsory health insurance

the NHS - the welfare state - compulsory health insurance
Vote: Should the NHS be funded through compulsory health insurance with cover that extends from basic, standard to premium?

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Members Comments

unspoken 8-May-2010 10:22
Personally I think that a health care system free at the point of use is probably one of the most amazing things the UK has created.

The NHS is certainly not perfect, but I am proud that as a country we say that no matter how poor you are you are, you are entitled to heatlh care.

In my view, to dismantle the NHS would be truely throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
Pericles 16-Mar-2009 15:43
I think we should scrap the NHS, dismantle the welfare state and replace it with obligatory private insurance. For two reasons; 1 to prevent welfare tourism and 2 to put an end to the benefit lifestyle.

Legally obligatory private insurance will enable everyone to afford private insurance.
sherdian0 26-Feb-2009 20:55
I would agree that we need some kind of compulsorily health insurance but it should be a form of taxation based on your ability to pay. The health service should be for everyone whom contributes to it no matter what there aliment, And this should ONLY be used to fund the health service not creamed off to some politician’s pet project. The NI tax was originally supposed to be for part of this but along the years it has just become another tax.

What there should be is a realization that if you want a 21st century health service from cradle to birth then we are going to have to pay for it. I would also agree although I will be called racist, is that if you were not born in this country and are not paying for the health service then you should only receive basic care.
Recyclotron 4-Jun-2008 18:49
A common standard of health service for all is an expression of the equality for all in our society, a laudable aspiration in my view.
dignitas 28-May-2008 11:2
rather than dividing the population into 1st, 2nd and 'working class' service, the NHS needs to be managed better and FAR MORE effieciently. each and every person in this country already contributes, however the money is spent on a raft of 'initiatives' , beaurocracy, middle management and contracted consulants.
ramblinjon 11-Jan-2008 19:55
Each and every one of us deserves the best possible treatment. Why should a low paid factory worker get substandard treatment, he/she maybe a small cog but all the cogs are important, somebody has to do the small cogs work so therefore their need for proper treatment is just as great as the far fewer richer people. Im disgusted by the people who voted yes.
lfbuk 20-Nov-2007 18:11
Get the political classes (by force if necessary) to use the service, without queue jumping etc, and then watch it improve!
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