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EDUCATION - comprehensive schools - streaming

comprehensive schools - streaming - education
Vote: Should streaming be rigorously implemented in all state comprehensive schools?

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socratese 28-Nov-2009 7:55
Ifbuk has said something more fundamental than the rest. He/she is trying to return the power to control the child's curriculum to the parents. The idea of the State teaching our kids is the problem.
reunion 8-Nov-2009 16:16
We have no right to hold fast learners back but must be fair. Streaming is workable.
1in10 11-Aug-2009 21:5
Streaming will only work, of course, if you provide an intellectually vigourous enducation for those you are streaming.

I can see no reason why streaming should lead to a two tier good and bad education. Those who are not bright still need a decent education, but a different one to those with highter IQs
somnus 28-Apr-2008 8:24
The problem with no-streaming is that children miss out because they are taught at the lowest common denominator therefore brighter ones become disruptive and the middle band rarely reach their potential.
lfbuk 20-Nov-2007 18:12
All State schooling should be scrapped, use the funding for vouchers to pay for education. This would stop the do gooders and the political classes dumbing down the lowest in society.
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