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FAMILY - marriage preparation

The marriage preparation referred to here takes the form of a psychometric tests to be answered by the engaged couple and is designed to highlight potential relationship difficulties.

FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication Understanding and Study) is a research-based self-report or diagnostic inventory. It is designed for couples considering committing themselves to a long-term relationship such as the responsibilities of children and marriage.

The emphasis is very much upon developing a couple’s interest in a desire to face the realities of their particular relationship, rather than considering issues to do with relating as a generality.

Vote: Should marriage preparation be made compulsory by government to prevent avoidable marriage breakdown and single-parenthood?

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Members Comments

Andromeda 21-Jan-2008 11:30
Fiercely expressed scepticism here about the idea, but what is wrong with the idea of doing a psychometric test that will get a couple talking on issues that are commonly known to cause problems later, eg whether to have children, how many, what faith they are to be brought up in, money, career, any disturbing behaviour already manifesting itself such as drink, drugs, gambling, compulsive shopping, etc etc?

The idea is to make a couple discuss these potential problem areas with each other or at least ACKNOWLEDGE that they COULD be potential problem areas.

There is no intention at all to make it compulsory for civil partners since the purpose of using it is to avoid single parenthood and the harm it could do to a child. The poll concerned MARRIAGE PREPARATION not civil partnerships!

Engaged couples are of course free to proceed with their wedding or call it off as they wish, but the idea is to avoid as much as possible the economic, social and emotional disaster of divorce on the couple, their child(ren) and the country at large.

It is well known that single-parenthood is the greatest cause of poverty, crime, addiction, child-abuse, educational under-achievement.

Have a PROPER look at www.foccus.org.uk before you dismiss the idea out of hand!

All that is being proposed is that the couple individually do a psychometric test and, in the light of its results, either affirm their intention to get married or decide to call it off. The only compulsion proposed is to answer the questions, alone and honestly!
pearmtn 19-Jan-2008 13:22
THe government is not capable or un-biased enough to solve the challanges the citizens face everyday in their private lives. The government must stop interfering and stick to fulfilling it's mandate, i.e. manage the infrastructure, provide for the common defense of the nation, negotiate treaties, etc. In other words, KEEP OUT OF THE LIVES OF PRIVATE CITIZENS!!!
Herb 19-Jan-2008 2:41
I have two thoughts about this -

1. So few people care about getting married that the proposal's ridiculous, and in any case the effect would it have on the incidence of single-parenthood would be very slight indeed; and

2. What sort of preparation do they plan to impose on those who want to enter into a Gay sex marriage?

The lunatics must really be in charge of the asylum.
estivboy 18-Jan-2008 18:35
Crazy question, who says marriage preparation even has any validity let alone to be made compulsory! The organisation is an example of appalling psycho-babble and an American church orientated ideology. The arrogance that a questioneer can deciede whether my wife and i will fare well together in life through all our ups and downs. Simplistic nonsence.
As for the governments role in this, well i pay them to provide education, hospitals and take my bins away. There is a reason that the word 'private' is used in the term 'private life'
NB to druidic. Instead of firing one off at the government and the left 'yawn' check out the Foccus website. The reasons for the decline of nuclear families is a little more comlicated than Tesco and New Labour. Lets get some prospective here.
druidic 18-Jan-2008 11:0
Appalling 1984 idea. Government, in league with big business and the fashionable Left media, has done more than anyone to undermine families. They should go away and not do any more damage!
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