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ISLAM - the best products, the worst salesmen?

David Pidcock of www.islamicparty.com: "Islam has the best products but the worst salesmen."

What can be done to improve its image of being the religion of war, suicide bombers, Al Qaeda terrorists, female oppression and honour killings?



to see Pat Condell, British comedian, make the point that free speech ought to be more sacred than the religious sensibilities of new immigrants

Lecture by Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance - "Islam - our enemy?"

Vote: Should Muslims question the way their faith is being practised by Muslims and perceived by non-Muslims?

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Members Comments

Herb 23-Jan-2008 19:51
One of the few journalists who is realistic about Islam is Mark Steyn. This piece, in the National Review, was written last year, but I saw it for the first time today -
SarahD 23-Jan-2008 15:24
KScott, I like your post! But surely the two faiths went their separate ways more than 700 years ago, surely it was approaching 1900 years ago when we all agreed to differ over the witnessing of the coming of the son of God. Or am I completely wrong?
SarahD 23-Jan-2008 15:20
You have to admire the religion: the self-dicipline it instills in its followers is awsome! However, they have to waste so much time praying at all hours of the day that it leaves little for anything else. Mr Kilroy-Silk once asked what fantastic inventions Muslims brought to the world, and the answer must be 'not many' as they are all too busy!
RichardCostello 22-Jan-2008 21:45
Listen folks Islam was spread by the sword, unlike today it`s more like force feeding british kids halal (oxford), banning xmas, and the occasional suicide bomber to boot (dare you complain!! and be called a racist bigot!!) Theo Van Goch the dutch film presenter learned the hard way, as he was murdered on an amsterdam street, and the dutch politician that are in police protection for their own lives, luckily are guttless politicians will be safe, they will keep apologising and bending over for a good old group vote. well i `ve had my rant folks sorry for any inconvenience.
ramblinjon 22-Jan-2008 19:42
Surely any faith that produces such much hatred and violence should question itself on its own values?

How a particular faith is seen by others is not as important as how the faith is seen by its believers.
KScott 22-Jan-2008 18:9
Well ... after reading the Islamic Party web site, I suggest this question is irrelevant. These people are interested only in 'offering' the Islamic way of life to Britain. For 'offering' read subjugating all non-Muslims to Islam.

What always strikes me is the superiority - arrogance. Their religion insists they are 'entitled' to come here; entitled to colonise huge swathes of England; entitled to impose the Islamic way of life to a civilization that left them behind 700 years ago.

SHOULD they change? YES. Will they change. NO! They must simply be refused. No calls to prayer; no sharia law; no burkas; no imposition of an alien faith on a Christian country. Separation of Church and State must be applied with rigour to all Muslim demands.
Herb 22-Jan-2008 4:13
Of course they should question how Islam is practised and expressed, but are not the real questions -

1. How many of them want to do so? and

2. How many of them dare do so?

As for improving Islam's image with respect to the things referred to (i.e. from war to honour killings) it would make a start if all Muslim Clerics were to issue fatwas against such things - but how many have done so?
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