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Should immigration be controlled through compulsory ID cards?
immigration - ID cards
Yes - 22% No - 78%
Should the UK leave the EU and thereby regain control over its immigration policy?
immigration - the EU
Yes - 85% No - 15%
Should euthanasia be an option for those who choose to make a living will?
euthanasia - the right to die
Yes - 79% No - 21%
Should the UK withdraw from the EU?
Is national sovereignty, ie being allowed to do things our way, for better or worse, better than becoming another region in the Eurozone? Should the European Communities Act 1972 be repealed?
Yes - 87% No - 13%
Should the death penalty be re-introduced in some form, eg for the worst cases of murder?
Serial killer Steve Wright will die behind bars for killing five prostitutes, a judge ruled on 22 February 2008.

How much would that cost the taxpayer?

Do people who kill for fun deserve to die?

Is there any point at all in keeping these people alive at the expense of the taxpayer when Britain's prisons are already so over-crowded that prisoners are being released early to make way for more recent convicts?

"A life for a life, a limb for a limb, an eye for an eye" is an argument for proportionality and justice. Should we heed this injunction, or are we too blinded by liberal hand-wringing that we can no longer see the virtue of condign punishment or the moral validity of an effective deterrent?

The possibility of a miscarriage of justice and a wrongful conviction exists, of course. However, it could be argued that a criminal who is insufficiently deterred and inadequately punished is also a miscarriage of justice.

An opponent of the death penalty once said: "It is better that a hundred guilty men should go free than a single innocent man be wrongfully convicted."

Better? For whom?
Yes - 68% No - 32%
Should the NHS be funded through compulsory health insurance with cover that extends from basic, standard to premium?
the NHS - the welfare state - compulsory health insurance
Yes - 58% No - 42%
Should streaming be rigorously implemented in all state comprehensive schools?
comprehensive schools - streaming - education
Yes - 91% No - 9%
Should the state cease funding all religious schools?
education - state funding of religious schools
Yes - 73% No - 27%
Should a same-sex couple in a civil partnership have the same rights against each other as a married couple?
Should the Civil Partnership Act 2004 - which gives homosexual couples equal legal status and tax breaks as a married couple - be repealed? Do we not want the adage "Marry (or civilly partner) in haste, repent at leisure" to also apply to homosexuals? Should they not be made to suffer the same financial consequences as heterosexual couples who foolishly equate marriage as an impermanent declaration of romantic love, and not a contract to bring up children together (which the true purpose of marriage)?
Yes - 44% No - 56%
Should the BNP continue its policy of preventing non-whites from joining as full members?
It is a fine balance between the BNP compromising on their "all-whiteness" and the perhaps more important goal of showing that they mean business and can be effective and responsive to changing circumstances, with a leadership that is capable of taking chances and seizing the day.

Lifting their colour bar would give people the impression that there are changes afoot and a development to the BNP's particular story. The press might give it increased coverage. More people (of all races) might join. Its membership could snowball.

Knowing when to compromise may just be the difference between empty posturing and effective action.

If they raised the colour bar they could become more attractive to a lot of the disillusioned UKIP and Eurosceptics. (After all, "BNP" is the name of the other Eurosceptic party which no one dares to speak of in mixed company ... )

Here is an interesting statistic:

70% of Britons - including 47% of Asians and 45% of blacks - believe that too many immigrants are being let into the country (Commission on Integration and Cohesion/The Times) [The Week, 22 December, Poll Watch, p17)

How many votes would they add up to at the next General Election if these "ethnics" (as the BNP calls them) felt they could vote for the BNP without feeling like turkeys voting for Xmas?
Yes - 50% No - 50%
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