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In the aftermath of the General Election that never was, a new website has been launched today (October 17) to enable people to voice their opinion on individual policies, not political parties or party leaders. www.1Party4All.co.uk is promoting "direct" or "pure" democracy where opinions can be aired on specific issues without affiliation to any political party.

Speculation during the run up to the possible autumn General Election was focused almost entirely upon the party leaders and not their policies. How Cameron performed at the party conference and what Gordon Brown did inIraq all influenced how people thought, and changed the political polls in favour of the Conservatives, probably resulting in the Prime Minister deciding not to go for an election.

Those behind the new online initiative say there is another way to decide the future of the country, a different way, a more logical way, and that is basing decisions on policies not people or parties. Direct democracy empowers the population to voice its opinion on specific policy issues, allowing "the greatest happiness of the greatest number" to be expressed, which is the proper objective of government according to philosopher Jeremy Bentham in 1789.

Founder of the 1Party4All website, Claire Khaw, said: “Elections are based upon people’s perceptions of parties and leaders, and less so on specific policies. As has been seen recently, those perceptions can be moulded and manipulated, distorted even, through behaviour and media coverage.

“Surely a more logical and sensible approach is through direct democracy, seeking the population’s views on specific policies. Our website is an exercise in direct democracy and will enable participants to vote and express their views on specific issues. It will be interesting to see how our results compare to actual policy decisions by the Government.”
The website includes a debating chamber covering various policies and topics such as democracy, education, British foreign policy, immigration, the EU, crime and the environment. Participants have to join to vote and express

Claire Khaw continued: “The website provides a platform to debate any policy or topic. We will not shy away from any controversial issues, and certainly will not pander to political correctness. 1Party4All is there for anyone to vote and express their opinion, whatever that might be.”


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