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The new direct democracy 1Party4all website, where the views of its ‘Keyboard Army’ are expressed through polls on a myriad of topics, has criticised United Against Fascism for not participating in its poll on whether David Irving and Nick Griffin should be allowed to participate in the Oxford Union debate ON FREE SPEECH on Monday (November 26).

Why the UAF will not participate is not understood but one 1Party4All member offered an explanation in a post on the website: “The UAF won’t participate in a free debate because that is not why they were set up. They are basically shock troops (of the Labour party, of Searchlight) and their role is to try and intimidate their opponents into remaining silent. This, after all, is the philosophy of ‘no platform’ - which isn’t about having a free debate, or any debate at all. It’s about the absence of debate.”

The poll on the 1Party4All website is currently showing an unprecedented 100 per cent in favour of not banning Griffin/Irving, with strong support for the maintenance of the principles of free speech.

The Oxford Union votes tomorrow (Friday November 23) on whether the debate will take place on Monday. According to 1Party4All founder, Claire Khaw, the event is likely to be cancelled “for reasons of cowardice, intimidation or spurious but predictable health and safety or public order policing excuses.

“The BNP Blackpool Conference last weekend went ahead despite a UAF demonstration 200 strong. Could it be that a Kiss Me Quick seaside resort has a more principled belief in free speech and is less likely to be intimidated by the UAF than the privileged few who presume to inhabit the dreaming spires of Oxford yet cannot grasp either in theory or in practice the principles of free speech?

“If it is cancelled, we will know precisely what kind of a country we live in, and what sort of "cream" the British "education" system has produced, won't we?”

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